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Kolpa River Slovenia


Bela krajina and Metlika's surrounding not-to-miss attractions.


2 m - 1 min drive

BAR BIG BERRY Primostek 50 8332 Gradac
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Bar M

0.7 km - 3 mins drive

PRIMOSTEK 1 A, 8332 Gradac Phone: (07) 306 02 80 Opening hours: 7:00 do 22:00 *Photos are illustration
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Otok - DC3 airplane

1.7 km - 4 mins drive

The plane is situated on the regional road from Črnomelj to Metlika heading to the Otok village, which is 5 km away from Metlika. It represents the...
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Kmetija Pavlovič - berry plantation

2.8 km - 7 mins drive

Production on the Pavlovič farm is specialized in the integrated production of fruits in indoor and outdoor space.  By visiting the plantation you'll taste...
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Museum of Bela Krajina

3.5 km - 5 mins drive

Located in Metlika's castle, the Museum of Bela Krajina features an exhibition about life in the region of Bela Krajina from prehistoric times to the mid-20th...
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Old town of Metlika

3.5 km - 5 mins drive

Among other storeyed houses by the old city ramparts, in the Mestni trg square (Town Square) facing the Church of St Nicholas, Provosts House, and Commandry...
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Wine cellar KZ Metlika

3.6 km - 5 mins drive

The underground built 108 meters long cellars that are the very special type of tunnel are inviting in their premises all lovers of true noble Bela Krajina...
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Arquaelogical Heritage of Podzemelj

3.8 km - 7 mins drive

Within the educational path Kučar-Kolpa it is possible to explore the archaeological heritage of Podzemelj and its close surroundings. On a circular path...
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Hill over Podzemelj - Kučar

3,8 km - 5 min drive

As part of the learning path Kučar-Kupa is possible to study the archaeological heritage of the subsoil and its surrounding areas. In a circular path in...
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Gostišče Veselič

3.9 km - 7 mins drive

You are welcomed to experience true cuisine from Bela Krajina at Gostišče Veselič in Podzemelj, nearby Metlika. Gostišče Veselič (meaning 'happy') has...
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Gallery Kambič

4.0 km - 6 mins drive

The Gallery was inspired by the Vinko Kambič who is one of the famous figure for Metlika. The exhibitions that are in the gallery reflect top Slovenian...
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Metlika's castle

4.1 km - 7 mins drive

Metlika Castle was first mentioned in 1456, but it is unlikely in its design much older. Together with the city is mainly in the 15th and 16th centuries...
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Slovenian Fire Fighting Museum

4.2 km - 7 mins drive

The historical museum is located in the old town core of Metlika in two buildings, which are in the surrounding area of the Metlika castle.In 1869 the...
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Homemade delicacies Mojca - the house of great bread

5.6 km - 9 mins drive

Besides offering excellent pastries, cakes and desserts, Mrs. Mojca Kramarič is operating a bakery school named "School of Baking Bread". Mojca is famous...
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Gradac's castle

5.7 km - 9 mins drive

The castle is located on a bend of the river Lahinja and was first mentioned in written sources in 1326 as Gracz. In the beginning of the 17th century...
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The ghotic churches Tri fare

5.8 km - 10 mins drive

The renowned Tri fare pilgrimage center is located in the north-eastern part of the village Rosalnice in Metlika. Pilgrim complex is distinguished by three...
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Wine house Pečarič

6.0 km - 10 mins drive

Welcome to our cosy little vineyard cottage which can accommodate up to 60 people and where you can participate in our wine story. Through our presentation...
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Restaurant Kapušin

6.6 km - 11 mins drive

OPENING HOURSMonday - Tuesday: CLOSEDWednesday - Saturday: 08:00 - 23:00Sunday: 13:00 - 22:00*For celebration of weddings, anniversaries or planned events...
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Wine cellar Šuklje

7.3 km - 11 mins drive

Šuklje is one of BIG BERRY's proud partner and has a tradition that is more than 140 year old and started when ancestor Matija Šuklje bought the hill and...
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Wine cellar and tourist farm Šuklje

7.3 km - 11 mins drive

Šuklje family has a tradition that is more than 140 year old and started when ancestor Matija Šuklje bought the hill and planted the first grapevine. The...
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The source of the river Krupa

9.9 km - 14 mins drive

The source of the Krupa River is the largest and one of the most beautiful and biologically most important karst springs in Bela Krajina. At high flow...
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Vineyard cottage “Soseska Zidanica”, Drašiči

10.0 km - 14 mins drive

The vineyard cottage “soseska zidanica” is located in the cellar of an old house in the centre of Drašiči, next to the Church of St. Peter. It has been...
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Oil mill Pečarič - healing power

10.0 km - 14 mins drive

From the first 350 walnut trees and over 300 hazelnut seedlings in 1990, Pečarič family continued to make oils and reached variety of 20 different cold...
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Bistra Buča: Traditional School Experience

10.8 km - 16 mins drive

The school is intended to promote understanding of Bela Krajina humorous and entertaining way. The idea of designing such schools was born from the famous...
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Semiška penina Simonič - wine that sparkles

11.3 km - 15 mins drive

Alike most families in Bela Krajina, wine production has a long tradition in the Simonič family. In 1998, the Simonič decided to contribute to the wine...
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Bakery Šrajf and Partisan Museum

11.3 km - 16 mins drive

Homestead Šrajf takes you directly to the heart of the local customs and tradition, by offering an unusual combination of services, ensuring and ultimate...
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Primary School Bright Head

11.6 km - 17 mins drive

Primary school BRIGHT HEAD is located in Radovica near Metlika and it is supposed to be a tourist attraction that worth a visit.Its founding father was...
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Wine cellar Mavretič

11.8 km - 18 mins drive

Wine is best where it has been cultivated. Upon previous arrangement, we can organize wine tastings. The event can include various number of wines of the...
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Primožičeva House

12.6 km - 16 min drive

The former Maleričeva house in the old town core of Črnomelj was renamed into the Primožičeva house and is dedicated to the teacher and cultural worker,...
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City of Črnomelj

12.6 km - 17 mins drive

A walk around Črnomelj tells the story of the town’s vibrant history. The main square Trg Svobode is surrounded by the medieval castle, commandry of the...
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Town of Semič

12.8 km - 17 mins drive

The administrative seat of the municipality of the same name is geographically limited to the north, its northern fringe extending to the base of Kočevski...
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Medeni butik BIBI - handicraft and souvenir butique

12.9 km - 17 mins drive

BIBI turizem - Belokranjska tradition arose from the love towards Bela krajina's nature, flavors, people and tradition. Bernada, the charming owner, prepares...
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Gostilna Badovinac

13.0 km - 17 mins drive

Jugorje 5Suhor8331 Suhor Slovenia +386 (0)7 30 50 133,+386 (0)40 738 552 100 sedežev + 40 zunaj, 16 ležišč v 7 sobah Delovni...
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Črnomelj Municipal Museum

13.0 km - 18 mins drive

The castle is located in the historical centre of Črnomelj. The building was built in 1844 as the first school in Črnomelj on the grounds of a former town...
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Horse Resort Stariha

13.2 km - 17 mins drive

Riding school of Horse Resort Stariha is running program of Equestrian Federation of Slovenia and the Slovenian Equestrian Academy under the guidance of...
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Gostilna Muller

13.3 km - 18 mins drive

The restaurant, which continues to this day. traditionally has been operating since 1965 under the name "RESTAURANT MÜLLER", or with a more familiar local...
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Restaurant Muller - taste of Bela Krajina

13.3 km - 18 mins drive

Gostilna Muller is a restaurant with an old tradition in the city of Črnomelj which offers a wide selection of typical Bela Krajina dishes including meat...
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Gostilna Samarin

13.9 km - 19 mins drive

Kočevje 10cČrnomelj8340 Črnomelj Slovenia +386 (0)7 30 54 026, +386 (0)40 722 882 Delovni čas:ponedeljek...
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Wine cellar Malnarič

14 min - 20 min drive

Malnarič winery is one of the oldest and biggest winery in the Bela Krajina region, that has been operated by Malnarič family for generations. Visiting...
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Handicraft and linen gallery Cvitkovič

14.4 km - 19 mins drive

Domača obrt Cvitkovič is the fabrication of linen the traditional way from centuries ago. Mrs. Cvitkovič is one of a few traditional linen makers in Slovenia....
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14.7 km - 20 mins drive

Adlešiči and several other villages are well known for their cottage industry. Linen, embroidery work, and painted Easter eggs called “belokranjske pisanice”...
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Kolpa Krajinski Park

14.8 km - 20 mins drive

Krajinski Park stretches along the border of Kolpa River through the area between the Old Market and Dragos, entirely within the municipality of Črnomelj....
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14.9 km - 21 mins drive

The colossal fortress located on the steep rock above the river Kolpa was built in 1557 by the baron Ivan Lenkovič from Žumberak. It served as a successful...
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Homestead Kuzma - old watermill and rejuvenating beach

15 km - 23 min drive

Watermill Kuzma or, in Slovenian, Grajski mlin and Kuzmina malenica, is situated in the basin below the Pobrežje castle and has helped the ascent of this...
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Restavracija Štajdohar

15.6 km - 21 mins drive

Kanižarica 41gKanižarica8340 Črnomelj Slovenia +386 (0)7 35 40 660, +386 (0)41 634 639 restavracija@stajdohar.si 350 sedišč + 50...
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Homestead farm Zupančič and home of black olm

16.5 km - 22 mins drive

The farm invites you to enjoy the beautiful nature of Bela krajina. There you can see the black cave salamander - (Proteus anguinus), which was discovered...
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Ankin his

18.0 km - 24 mins drive

Dragovanja vas 13 Dragovanja vas 8343 Dragatuš Slovenia +386 (0)7 35 40 411, 041 372 821, +386 (0)40 753 383 ankinhis@gmail.com
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20.7 km - 26 mins drive

Dragatuš is a clustered settlement along the road Črnomelj - Vinica, located 8km from Črnomelj. The Church of St. John the Baptist boasts in the town centre....
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Šokčev Dvor, Žuniči

21.4 km - 26 mins drive

Šokčev dvor in Žuniči is a typical Bela krajina farm house of the near Kolpa region, and is one of protected cultural monuments of the Kolpa Regional Park....
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Memorial symbol in Gornje Laze

23.3 km - 33 mins drive

In the village Gornje Laze, a 10-minute drive from Semič, stands a landmark dedicated to the fallen combatants of the 1st Bela krajina troops, founded...
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Restavracija Prepih

24.0 km - 29 mins drive

Gornja Težka voda 19Stopiče8322 Stopiče Slovenia +386 (0)7 30 89 404 prepih@siol.net 350 sedišč + 150 zunaj + 240 okrepčevalnica Delovni...
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Mirna Gora

25,8 km - 45 min drive

Mirna gora is the highest peak in Bela krajina (1047 m) and also one of the southeasternmost risings of the vast Kočevski Rog mountain massif. The belvedere...
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Gorjanci - lodge "pri Gospodični"

25.9 km - 34 mins drive

A restaurant which is at 828 meters above sea level, away from the city's highest altitude restaurant in Novo mesto municipality. It serves with 100 seats...
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Hrast Pri Vinici Bauxite deposit

28.3 km - 33 mins drive

In the vicinity of the village Hrast pri Vinici you can visit one of the biggest and surface-wise one of the most beautiful bauxite deposits in Slovenia....
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Boheja restavracija & bar

28.6 km - 35 mins drive

Belokranjska cesta 24a8000 Novo mestoSlovenia +386 (0) 31 866 499 info@boheja.sihttp://www.boheja.siKARTICA DRUGAČNIH DOŽIVETIJ:10 % popust na hrano in...
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Stari trg ob Kolpi

30.0 km- 37 min

Stari trg (“The Old Market”) is the largest settlement in Poljanska dolina, and lies 15km from Črnomelj. Its name originates from the period of the Turkish...
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Vinica - The birthplace of the poet Oton Župančič

30.4 km - 35 mins drive

Vinica is a clustered settlement situated high above the river Kolpa, next to the Slovenian-Croatian border, and 18km from Črnomelj. Vinica, inhabited...
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Oštarija Rudolfswerth

30.4 km - 39 mins drive

In the center of Novo Mesto, it serves delights of local dishes to its guests. It was named after Rudolf IV. Habsburg, who in 1365 founded a new city....
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Gostilna Pr leseni žlici

30.8 km - 38 mins drive

Open from Monday to Friday between 5:30 and 22:00 on Saturdays between 7:00 and 22:00. Podbevškova ulica 2Novo mesto8000 Novo mestoSlovenia+386 (0)7 33...
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Gostišče Loka

31.7 km - 42 mins drive

Župančičevo sprehajališče 28000 Novo mesto+386 (0)7 33 21 108info@gostisce-loka.si
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Malamačka - kavarna, vinski bar in trgovina

31.1 km - 42 mins drive

A place that is hidden but still in the center of town! In malamačka café, they have something to offer almost everyone such excellent coffee, espresso,...
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Gostilna Kapitelj

31.3 km - 42 mins drive

The restaurant prepares a very tasty meat dishes, from a roast beef, veal medallions, fried chicken to roasted liver and deer tenderloin medallions. Daily...
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Chocolatier & Distillery Berryshka

32.9 km - 38 mins drive

A genuine family creation by a father and son partnership that spans over twenty years, Berryshka is proud to be a Slovenian international award winning...
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Gostilna – prenočišča Vovko

34.0 km - 44 mins drive

Gostilna Vovko is is a traditional family inn, which boasts excellent cuisine and extensive wine offer with combining traditional Slovenian cuisine by...
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Gostilna Pod klančkom

34.6 km - 43 mins drive

Hours: From 8 am to 23 pm Tuesday and the first Sunday of the month closed. Sela pri Ratežu 18, 8321 BrusniceBrusnice8321 BrusniceSlovenia+386 (0)7 33...
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Gostišče Na vasi

35.3 km - 45 mins drive

140 seats + 40 + 10 outside bedsWorking time:7:00 to 22:00Dolenje Kamence 35Novo mesto8000 Novo mesto Slovenia+386 (0)7 33 79  
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Gostilna in picerija Šentpeter

36.0 km - 45 mins drive

The inn has a beautiful ambience and view of the river Krka. Situated near Otočec Castle and the motorway, from Novo Mesto to 7 km away. There is plenty...
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Hotel in restavracija Oštarija

34.1 km - 40 mins drive

Slovenian home kitchen is served in the of Dolenkske Toplice, where every palate finds its . With a warm ambience, top chefs and art we want to awaken...
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Vila Otočec

36.6 km - 46 mins drive

Open from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 and 23:00 on Sundays between 8:00 and 22:00162 seats, 65 beds Welcome to the Vila Otočec, where we offer a wide...
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Restavracija Grad Otočec

38.0 km - 47 mins drive

The place that is on a small island in the middle of the Dolenjska surrounded by unique Castle Otočec, where the magical atmosphere of the Kolpa River...
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Struga castle

38.2 km - 47 mins drive

Struga Castle is a very well example of a historical castle and a characteristic castle architecture of the 16th century. Due to the distinctive position...
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Domačija Krnc

55.3 km - 1 hour 5 mins drive

Domačija Krnc is redecorated as tourist farm with traditional style. It now has a catering facility, accommodation facilities, a picnic area and a swimming...
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Dežela Kozolcev

60.9 km - 1 hour 10 mins drive

Slovenia is renowned for its hospitality, excellent cuisine and premium wines, but it also aims to preserve the original heritage of hayracks as well as...
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Mitrej above Rožanec

Mitrej above Rožanec is one of the most attractive archaeological monuments in Slovenia, which is located along the regional road Semič - Črnomelj, in...
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Plague Spot

The plague spot on Trata, along the road to Semič, is one of the oldest and rarest stone signs in Bela krajina. It is a reminder of the plague, which has...
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Fern areas

Bela Krajina is land of white birch trees and eagle fern undergrowth called steljniki. These areas, once pastures where people raked leaves and scythed...
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Smuk above Semič

Smuk is a 547m high tableland above Semič. Towards the south and southeast Smuk lowers into the embrace of the Semiška gora on the sunny side, making its...
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