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Kolpa Krajinski Park

Krajinski Park stretches along the border of Kolpa River through the area between the Old Market and Dragos, entirely within the municipality of Črnomelj. The main attraction of Krajinski Park is undoubtedly the events that are on Kolpa River such as fishing, swimming, canoeing with its valley events. At the beginning of the area between Učakovci Vinica and the valley opens to the main Belokranjska plain, and again bordered in Podklanec.

Tod Kupa runs more or less narrow valley below Ziljami and Preloko up Žuniči, where the valley to Miličev even more sharply narrows and forms a canyon with high, overhanging rock faces alternately on both bregovih.This river makes the biggest shift in the stream and then continue running north and northwest. In Fučkovci, it is slowly beginning lowland flow of the lowland areas of alluvial deposits, where the valley is the most extended.

Krajinski park Kolpa
Adlešiči 16
8341 Adlešiči
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