Luxury of freedom


You don’t have to be royal to be BIG BERRY’s Partner


The inspiration to create the Royal Campaign came from the excellence of the service and houses BIG BERRY provides the guests with plus the services and products made locally by BIG BERRYs’ partners, which gather environmental responsibility and quality. Trying to transmit the image of luxury, once we trust we and our partners offer the best, unique and exclusive experiences, considering every guest individually, the campaign found that the treatment queens and kings receive in their palaces would be the best way to represent what our guests will find at BG BERRY.

By advertising the partnerships we have in a fun, classical and majestic way, the only thing we want to demonstrate is that in BIG BERRYs' 'small palaces', courtyards and surroundings, our guests will have the royal treatment they won’t find anywhere else. 

The creation process in practice

In practice, the process starts when we choose a partner that will be advertised. After that, a phrase is created, the design is handmade and the card published online.

The whole process is made by two BIG BERRYs’ interns.

Choose the partner -> Write the phrase -> Find the logo -> Insert the material in the GDoc -> Draw the Sketch¹ -> Insert the phrase and logo -> Make adjustments -> Schedule it on Facebook with a short phrase

¹ Designing the card - It will be described in details in the next topic

About creating the cards

During the conceptual stage, we were inspired by the style of the cards game (pack). The most valuable cards like Ace, the King and the Queen have specially designed images so we got the idea to substitute them with our graphics and special quotes.

The process of creating card starts with handmade sketches prepared individually for each partner. The main theme is always inspired by the partner’s speciality and should represent its unique value. All the cards are connected as coherent series, however, the only repetitive element is the BIG BERRY logo.

The whole concept of a card grows in a few days. The images are created in an old drawing and engraving technique known as cross-hatching. It was very popular in the past centuries, with the use of traditional materials like black ink and a golden pen.

Later each element is scanned or photographed, composed and edited in the card shape in the graphic software. Big Berry and the partner logotypes are added in the corners, just like the original card symbols. The quote is separated into two complementary parts, and the most important parts are more visible in gold. The harsh wooden background contrast with the plain and soft paper surface of the card. It also refers to the floor used in Big Berry houses.

The colour palette is limited to black, white, intense, shiny gold, soft warm brown tones and Big Berry purple colour to keep it simple. The elements create a central, closed composition. Combined all together it refers to the royalty, wealth and elegance.

The last step is to save the graphic projects and published them online.

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