Luxury of freedom

Big Berry Projects

BB Art Colony

BIG BERRY is promoting freedom of art and design creation by opening its resort for artists to come, interact with the environment and create! Over the 2 years BIG BERRY gathered 16 international artists which took part in this project.



BIG BERRY Art Colony project had its first run in April 2018 in BB Kolpa River when it hosted street artists and muralists who were invited to create murals inspired with BIG BERRY philosophy and stunning Slovenian nature based on specific brand guidelines. 

Project was developed with the aim to show the importance of international cooperation and investment in projects connected to art and culture, thus providing support in development of the cultural and artistic scene, together with emphasizing the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation.

7 artists from Slovenia, Croatia and Spain gathered in this project in 2018, and have created their artworks inspired by the “Luxury of Freedom“ feeling in nature, a phrase which represents the slogan of BB unique and genuine resort, opened in 2016. Besides murals made in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, in 2018 we created one mural in BIG BERRY franchise - Wies, Austria.

In 9 days 7 artists made 10 murals in size of 13m2 that were placed on the house’s sidewalls. 



In the second edition of Art colony project, held in April 2019, BIG BERRY gathered 9 international artists (from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia) who visually interpreted the story of BIG BERRY – from its idyllic region Bela krajina, over BIG BERRY's values to BIG BERRY's projects. Also, in 2019 a big mural of 100m2 was created and placed on the reception terrace ceiling.

In 2019 the artist created a total of 373m2 of murals and turned the resort into a real outdoor, street gallery.

In October 2019 BIG BERRY has successfully opened the exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) Zagreb - Luxury of Freedom mural by Slovenian artist Nina Urh and presented the work made in BB Art Colony project.

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