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Dežela Kozolcev

Slovenia is renowned for its hospitality, excellent cuisine and premium wines, but it also aims to preserve the original heritage of hayracks as well as other architectural heritage. In the Land of Hayracks, visitors can get acquainted with all dimensions of the hayrack heritage and innovative measures of the Municipality of Šentrupert in the field of wood culture revival.

The Land of Hayracks is the first open-air museum of hayracks. It consists of 19 different drying structures originating from the Mirna Valley, except for one hayrack which comes from the vicinity of Ivančna Gorica. The museum’s purpose is to show the development of hayracks through time, space and social meaning from simple drying structures to complex forms of double hayracks – “toplars”.

The Land of Hayracks offers:

Independent and guided tours

Trainings on the manufacture of hayracks and protection and conservation of wooden architectural heritage

Access to technical literature on hayracks and wooden architectural heritage

Educational workshops from the fields of carpentry, joinery, roofing, stonemasonry, blacksmithing and other crafts important for architecture, and workshops on skills and general knowledge

Events with presentations of typical farm work and chores

Creative children’s play equipment made of wood

Place to be rented out for social, cultural and business meetings

Car park for cars and caravan travellers 

Environment for pleasant socialising and walks among the hayracks


Dezela kozolcev Sentrupert, d.o.o.

8232 Šentrupert

Telephone: +386 (0)8 20 52 855



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