Luxury of freedom

Our Story

Once upon a time Slovenian brand BIG BERRY was born, as an idea that offered something never created before. This idea later became our slogan - LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

BIG BERRY is a lifestyle accomodation brand concept, and its original resort is located in the Slovenian countryside. Each element of BIG BERRY is designed by professionals and each tells a special story.

It’s a genuine living experience entirely integrated into authentic local environment.

A renowned Slovenian company, Hosekra d.o.o., has taken advantage of its almost 30 years of experience and cooperation with the best design studio and architects to develop a series of modern, comfortable and luxurious mobile homes, while the most creative designers planned every detail of  this fairytale location on the river banks of Kolpa in the Bela krajina region, just on the border of Slovenia and Croatia.

With us you’ll get recognisable and specially designed elements, recognition, full marketing, organizational and sales support and knowledge to co-create a place of your dreams from a small hotel, glamping site, camp, resort, farm house, tree house, attic overviewing the city, an abandoned train or a plane... Why not? With us, even the sky isn’t the limit.

BIG BERRY Kolpa river resort is the first and most crucial BIG BERRY destination since it plays a significant role as a place where ideas are born and different innovations tested before being offered to the franchises. It is through this location that BIG BERRY introduced projects like BB MastermindBB ChefBB Art ColonyBB Design Year and many other stories all enhancing sustainable development of the brand and its partners. There are many of them so ultimately everyone can find something for themselves.

This fantastic lifestyle tourist brand franchise can be placed in any beautiful place on earth, but we chose incredible locations, whether in the middle of unspoilt nature or in the heart of the big city, where one can connect unique tourist experiences with different local partners enhancing the development of a region as a whole. In order to achieve that, BIG BERRY brand is based on 3 important pillars (CREATEFEEL and JOIN):


1. To the investor and the franchise owner, it gives a chance to CREATE sustainable lifestyle accommodation that can be integrated anywhere in the world just by including some BIG BERRY design and concept elements to ensure the guests the same authentic lifestyle experience everywhere and bring them back to us time and time again.

It is perfect for those who already have a tourist accomodation on their own but relate to our story and would like to join in. We’ll help you make sure that you add just enough BIG BERRY elements that it will give the right feeling and will help you to increase the sales.

It is also perfect for those who have the means but lack the knowledge or time or just want to invest – don’t worry, we have your back.

And even if you think you don’t have all the means necessary but are passionate about it – give us a call and we’ll figure something out, together.


2. To the visitors it gives an authentic FEEL, taking them off the beaten path and into the heart of the region – to the locals themselves. By combining 5-star activities with a luxurious living experience, everyone is guaranteed to be satisfied. It’s neither resort, nor glamping, it is a lifestyle. Just check out our reviews and then come and experience it in person!

We can make sure you’ll have a blast with us whether you’re on a romantic getaway with your better half, active holiday with your family or on a workation in a stress free environment. In addition to this, BIG BERRY is a pet friendly destination, so your furry family members are more than welcome to come!


3. To the locals it gives an opportunity to JOIN us as our partners so we could create an authentic environment together and further promote our region as a whole.

A farmer? Great – we want your local products for our breakfast basket!

A craftsman or a designer? Perfect – something typical, specially designed and handmade for a souvenir or a new BIG BERRY element - we love it! And our guests will too.

Offering tours or workshops? There is nothing that gives us more happiness than to offer tours of the region showing its magic and local lifestyle!

A restaurant? Are you kidding – people need to eat and what can be better than a local restaurant serving local food!

A winery? Never mind, local winery is better than a restaurant… But, only after a meal! ;)

Something else? Surprise us!

And if you need our help to further develop and promote any of it – we’re here for you!  


All in all, we’re a young, innovative and passionate international team of professionals you can trust to make you see the world, enjoy amazing holidays and travel from a different perspective whether you are our guest, partner or future investor. In other words, we just love our BIG BERRY concept and product so much that we’d like to show it and expand it to the other regions of Slovenia and the world! Whoever you are, you’ll love it too, we guarantee it!

Have you found yourself somewhere in Our story? We hope you have, because now it’s the time to expand it together with you. FEEL it, JOIN us and together we’ll CREATE something magical! Live your LUXURY OF FREEDOM with us because, with BIG BERRY, fairy tales do come true :)



  • BIG BERRY Kolpa Resort grand opening - starting a promotional campaign of hosting more than 200 journalists, photographers and influencers to experience and promote the brand.
  • Building close partnerships with local producers in order to integrate into an authentic local environment and connect partners together to create space for new ideas


  • BIG BERRY officially opened its doors to the guests - offering an experience of the whole new accommodation concept
  • BIG BERRY Chef - international gastronomic project which hosted inspiring chefs from the whole region to prepare distinctive dishes with local products
  • BIG BERRY Mastermind - international business project gathering entrepreneurs and creative minds with great experience to share their stories and expertise. The aim of the project was to stimulate knowledge-sharing events, activities and networking.
  • Best Entrepreneurial Idea 2016/17 super finalist


  • Olympic Games in South Korea - BIG BERRY together with parent company Hosekra was a partner in building a Slovenia House at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang
  • Sejalec Award 2018 finalist for innovative achievements in tourism
  • Art Colony project - 7 international street artists and muralists from Slovenia, Croatia and Spain created 130m2 of murals inspired by the brand, culture and nature
  • Design Year - project that gathered more than 80 international product and fashion designers who made creations inspired by the brand


  • Art Colony 2nd edition - 9 international artists from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia created new 373m2 of murals which turned the resort into a real outdoor, street gallery.
  • Art Colony exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb - Luxury of Freedom mural by Slovenian artist Nina Urh
  • Fashion Identity - fashion show event with Zoofa, representing unique products by Slovenian designers
  • “Turistička prizma 2019“ Award for the new quality in tourism in Belgrade
  • Cloudnesting - New Tourism Category Award 2019 - 1st place as the best destination in Europe


  • Travel and Hospitality Award Winner - Luxury Homes of the Year for Slovenia


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