Luxury of freedom


BIG BERRY brand was born as an idea to offer something that has never been created before – a concept that meets the needs of the new world travellers. To reach its goal – providing something unique; BIG BERRY combines various elements so everyone can find something for themselves. 

The concept of BIG BERRY is complicated in its simplicity. The three main pillars of BIG BERRY brand are:

  • FEEL – a genuine living experience for travellers.
  • JOIN – an authentic local environment provided by partners from the community.
  • CREATE – a sustainable franchise touristic concept that can be integrated everywhere in the world. 

BIG BERRY concept works towards supporting local businesses & creating mutual collaboration with all entrepreneurs willing to enhance the network - in services, products, promotions and ideas. BIG BERRY creates strong proactive relationships with our local partners that in-turn enhance the bonds of the whole community. With such network of strong local brands BIG BERRY is able to offer its guests the genuine local experience they deserve. 

For now BIG BERRY is represented in 3 locations – original Kolpa river, Slovenia but also in Wies, Austria and in Mamaia, Romania. Investors in other countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, also show interest in being part of BIG BERRY. The goal is to further spread the brand in the following years.


BIG BERRY up until now

In 2016 BIG BERRY opened its first base in Primostek, Slovenia – BIG BERRY Kolpa River.  The brand already achieved some great results among which:

  • Created a strong international team and is also welcoming new ideas from international students from all over the world every year – up until now there were people from more than 20 countries from all over the world participating in creation of BIG BERRY brand.
  • Established over 40 partnerships, locally and nationally.

  • Hosted 250 bloggers, 250 international journalists and over 50 photographers.

  • Established 8 social media platforms, Webpage, Multiple Landing pages and BIG BERRY Magazine.

  • Mentioned in around 300 online and printed publications.

  • Produced and received 30 000 photographs of BIG BERRY destinations and of regions they represent.

  • Hosted 100 artists and designers that together created more than 200 new designs done specifically for BIG BERRY brand and also inspired by it.

  • Created and tasted over 20 different projects that help to promote BIG BERRY and give something extra to the guests.


BIG BERRY, Slovenia and Hosekra

Slovenia is a small country in Southern Central Europe. Its area is 20,273 square kilometers and it has a population of 2.06 million people. It’s bordered by four countries: Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary and the Adriatic Sea. The biggest and the capital city is a fairly small but delightful Ljubljana. Slovenia offers an untouchable and beautiful nature, one of the reasons for the BIG BERRY project, which was initiated by HOSEKRA GROUP, a company, located in Slovenia.

HOSEKRA is a synonym for innovation, improved quality of life and sustainable development. The principal activities include the development of advanced materials, innovative manufacturing processes, the installation of roof coverings and prefabricated constructions such as garages and mobile homes. In the development of new products, the company achieves high standards of energy efficiency and use environmentally friendly materials. Their products are characterized by safety, durability and an excellent and well thought-out design that allows quick and easy installation. There are six main group of products: Roof, floor, garage, mobile homes, noise barriers and of course – the one and only BIG BERRY.



What was your first thought when you heard the name BIG BERRY? If you have literally imagined a big, colorful, tasty berry fruit that can be found in the nature, your thoughts are moving in the right direction. 

The name of BIG BERRY represents these two words:

  1. BIG”, which represents the big story behind this project, destination, spacious area and globally scalable business model. This word also means that BIG BERRY wants to grow and spread in new locations over time.

  2. BERRY” on the other hand stands for the healthy fruits, which can easily be found in the wild nature. It symbolizes healthy lifestyle which includes enjoying nature and all its benefits while preserving the natural environment – it represents sustainable tourist development.



BIG BERRY´s cheerful logo has a form of a circle, because this is the most perfect form which you can find in the nature. It has no breaks, symbolizes smile, luck, eternity and connection between people. It represents the energy which never stops but is continually renewed. And, most of the berries are also round-shaped. The name “BIG BERRY” is written in red violet corporate color.

The words are connected with two points on the right and on the left side, but what exactly do they mean? Two points between the words “BIG” and “BERRY” are easily associated with inclined smiley, which gives the logo a friendly and cheerful appearance. The inclination of the logo reminds of a stamp for homemade products but also of a stamp for best quality guarantee. All the features of the logo represent an authentic spirit of the brand.



BIG BERRY’s slogan - „LUXURY OF FREEDOM“ - is composed of two strong and powerful words. “LUXURY” is associated with wealth, comfort, superior quality, but also with rigidity, order and urbanity, while “FREEDOM” is connected to peace, happiness, leisure, nature and limitless possibilities.

BIG BERRY connects the luxury of un ultimate accommodation comfort with freedom and peace of a holidays in a non-stressful environment. Even though our slogan represents something different for each person –  it always makes them think about life, how sheer freedom is actually a luxury on its own and therefore it always contributes to the positive feeling which is ultimately BIG BERRY’s goal.


Elevator peach

A genuine living experience entirely integrated into a local environment. BIG BERRY’s elevator peach represents everything the brand is about – it actually gives a genuine living experience – a lifestyle not just a holiday and an authentic feel to the guests since it is so well integrated into the local environment.

It basically creates a win – win – win situation. To the guests BIG BERRY offers a unique, local and authentic experiences that they couldn’t have otherwise. To the local community as a whole and individual local partners BIG BERRY gives a boost in promotion and works closely with them to sustainably co-develop a region. And the last win is for BIG BERRY and for BIG BERRY franchise owners since this kind of concept receives more and more positive feedback it gives the brand itself a recognition and positive feedback from the guests that makes them want to return year after year.


Corporate colour

BIG BERRY has its own corporate colour - red violet. It is the main brand color from which all the others used in a brand elements derive.

It is the most common berry colour in nature and that's why BIG BERRY chose it. Also, the berries with this colour contain a lot of vitamins and other healthy ingredients. And it gives a fresh feeling to the brand.


BIG BERRY’s main symbols


The berry button is BIG BERRY’s most recognized element and can be easily incorporated into many different aspects of the brand. The button represents the brand via its various details and try its best to become an easily recognizable item over the internet. It will bring you much information along with some nice photos taken at number of destinations.

Red – violet line

BIG BERRY houses have a red-violet vertical stripe on its side as a BIG BERRY recognition sign which makes the house look like a box of chocolate with a wrap or a Christmas gift. And this is how BIG BERRY wants for you to feel when you see it.

We believe that our houses are so different that we want them to be seen from far distances, for this we added the charming strip which gives a special touch and character to our houses. It also relates to our brand color and reminds people of our branding.


Berries are the healthiest fruits within all fruits. BIG BERRY knows that quite well. For this reason there is a berry plantation with 40 sorts of berries in BIG BERRY Kolpa river in Slovenia. Everyone can stroll along the plantation and pick any round fruit that is ready for eating or even pick enough to make a fresh smoothie.

Berries are 100% natural product and every one of them includes a lot of vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, potassium etc. Some of them have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and detoxifying effects.