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Check WHY, WHO and HOW should become BIG BERRY local partner?

BIG BERRY works towards building a network of local and regional brands with strong integrity; providing products & services that can help us all “live better”. We support local businesses & mutually collaborate with all entrepreneurs willing to enhance the network (in services, products, promotions and ideas). We create strong proactive relationships with our local partners that in-turn enhance the bonds of the whole community. We see opportunities everywhere and make a promise to nurture our partnerships for a better future together.



BIG BERRY works towards building a network of brands with strong integrity, supports the local business and mutually collaborate with entrepreneurs, that are willing to improve the network. Always looking for new partners to build a new strong relationship and to support local environment, BIG BERRY’s line is: “Win by sharing”.



Even though this brand is a widespread through the world and the locations in which it is situated vary in culture, events, partners etc. BIG BERRY guarantees that the guests will feel the local spirit. The purpose is to use the local community for inspiration and ideas.

Every BIG BERRY destination is bounded to create a dialogue with locals, keep their identity and to clearly promote it to visitors.


Local experience

BIG BERRY Kolpa River destination alone has contracts with around 40 local and regional business partners, that provide local products for guests. The local products include fresh eggs, honey, cheese, fruits, bread, yogurt, milk and much more, which are combined in a breakfast basket offered to guests.

But it is not only about food, BIG BERRY has partners for home equipment and utensils, sports equipment and much more.

Besides all that BIG BERRY’s partners also provide different experiences for our guests – cooking workshops, wine tastings, visits to the local farms, historical tours, photo tours, firefighter tour and many others. 

Every partnership is established for mutual gain with the idea in mind: “Winning by sharing”.



The breakfast at BIG BERRY includes local products, e.g., milk, yogurt, fresh bread and healthy fruits from our partners. Each morning we are offering a different selection of products for our guests. BIG BERRY team will deliver freshly packed products in a basket right to our guests every day.

As in all aspects, special care is provided to people with nutrition preferences, allergies or intolerances and the changes are easily requested.


Welcome basket

Our guests, that book directly, will receive a BIG BERRY welcome basket filled with local products, like bottles of wine/beer/soft drinks, souvenirs, chocolate or other promoting products from our partners, when they arrived at the destination.


Authentic environment

The fresh air, undestroyed environment and respect towards the surrounding make every place magical. The untouchable piece of nature makes you feel relaxed and takes you far away from the daily routine. Take your vacation in BIG BERRY as a retreat and a treat!