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Check WHY, WHO and HOW should choose BIG BERRY for its next dream vacation?

If you feel BIG BERRY and if you are thinking that you would really like to join, it is time to CREATE. If you share the vision of BIG BERRY, we will provide the whole concept at your doorstep. BIG BERRY invites you to be a part of the BIG story, to do what nobody expects, to be innovative, to be different. From franchising you can expect full support and success


BIG BERRY is offering franchising concept, that meets the highest standard of contemporary design, comfort, and quality. BIG BERRY homes are intended for equipping different touristic sites and for individual users as leisure-time dwellings. A three-tiered concept of BB mobile homes is intended to live in harmony with nature and to provide genuine living experience. Do you want to be a part of our BIG BERRY family and start your own business by legally using our idea? Let‘s have a talk if you‘re interested and have some ideas. We are always ready to serve/help you.


BB houses

BIG BERRY appreciates the organic architecture. There are three different colours for BIG BERRY houses with three different meanings. This concept gives high value to the nature so it needs to conform to it. But it is also a worldwide concept that needs to suit many different locations. That´s why the concept was divided into 3 according to the exterior design. BLUE BERRY symbolizes the colour of the sea, the light summer sky and the breeze. It is perfect for coastal areas and for the seaside. BROWN BERRY is for continental areas, mountains and lakes. The different shades of the colour “BROWN” were picked from the skin of the birch tree, which is the most common tree in Bela krajina - the birthplace of BIG BERRY. The brown colour of the house is perfectly associated with natural environment. ORANGE BERRY houses are suitable for urban areas and rooftops. They are bright and can be seen from long distance. Every BIG BERRY house has a vertical stripe in corporate red violet colour. Just like everything else in BIG BERRY, the red stripe also has a meaning. It serves as a recognisable sign. Although the houses vary in colours, they are recognisable from far away because of this visual element. But for you romantic souls, we have a different explanation. The red violet stripe makes the house look like a box of chocolate with a wrap. And this is how BIG BERRY wants for you to feel when you see it. Enjoy unwrapping your present!


BIG BERRY team brings to the whole project a very international spirit. In the first year of 2016 BIG BERRY Team counted 18 international people with 11 different nationalities, coming from Vietnam, Russia, California (USA), Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and many other. In 2017, team grew up to 25 people from 18 different countries worldwide.

Furthermore, the destinations are all over the world and lots of new openings are planned in next years. This brand rejected office and regular working hours because it is time to go global!


The team includes international young people, coming from every part of the world. Since the big opening in spring 2016, BIG BERRY is offering internships and giving the opportunity to gain new professional experience and to be creative during the internship. The whole team is working hard every day to make sure that the guests are amused during their stay according to their wishes. One thing is guaranteed - nobody will get bored or leave the destination with a bitter taste.


At the moment BIG BERRY has one main / first location on Kolpa river in Slovenia, several others, e.g., in Austria, Croatia and many under negotiations. The estimated locations will count 300 worldwide and 30 in Europe until 2030.

Social media

BIG BERRY is active on every social media page, like InstagramTwitterFacebookTumblrFlickrVKPinterest, and YouTube. Social media pages are helpful to tell the visitors who we are and what we do. As a part of our “Social Media Life” we see the BIG #berry_tale, which is the trademark of the BIG BERRY project. Mr B was born in Slovenia and grown up in BIG BERRY. One of his biggest passion is traveling. It is amazing how many people he met in the past and to how many countries he travelled. He likes to see new places in the world and to get to know a new culture, people, and values. Where he is going with his travel buddies he makes a lot of pictures, indoor or outdoor, with food, animals, great scenery, and friends. Do you want to be Mr B´s next travel buddy? Request your own Mr.B on