Luxury of freedom


Check WHY, WHO and HOW should choose BIG BERRY for its next dream vacation?

BIG BERRY Experience is all about the feeling. BIG BERRY is a dynamic accommodation concept that perfectly combines the need to live in harmony with nature and the comfort of the modern home.

When you stay in one of BIG BERRY’s destinations each one gives you a little bit of their own touch and twist, but overall experience always includes:

  • A genuine local connection that includes local food and tours to and the with local partners
  • Luxurious experience assured by a number of carefully designed BIG BERRY elements and projects that will enhance your stay
  • A lifestyle accommodation providing you with everything you need for an actual living experience

BIG BERRY takes you off the beaten path and into the heart of the region where it’s placed – to the locals themselves. By combining 5-star activities with a luxurious living experience, everyone is guaranteed to be satisfied. It’s neither resort, nor glamping, it is a lifestyle.



Since the grand opening of BIG BERRY in April 2016 at Kolpa River in Slovenia, the unique business concept of luxury accommodation combined with genuine and authentic surrounding is gaining in popularity and is growing steadily.

For now BIG BERRY is represented in 3 destinations – original Kolpa river, Slovenia but also in Wies, Austria and in Mamaia, Romania. Investors in other countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, also show interest in being part of BIG BERRY. The goal is to further spread the brand in the following years.

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BIG BERRY offers many activities for guests. As a guest, you can experience and get a genuine local connection to the community, culture, and people. It includes different personalized trips to our local producers, where you get the opportunity to feel the local environment, e.g., wine tastingcooking workshops, learn how the honey is produced and meets the bees or become a firefighter.

Choose your favourite outdoor activity: yoga, cycling, hiking, canoeing on the Kolpa river, or relax in private massage bath on your own patio or in the outdoor lounge houses. It is all up to you... FEEL the LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

Activities vary among the destinations but even the sky isn't the limit for BIG BERRY.



What motivates you? What motivates your employers? Did you know that happy co-workers work much better? BIG BERRY offers personalized activities and events on-site or nearby each destination. Use the opportunity to experience trips, local festivals and celebrations, famous BBQ Experience, and many other photogenic events. Just say the word and we’ll make it happen.



BIG BERRY combines luxury and freedom with each other in a unique way into “a genuine living experience entirely integrated into the authentic local environment”.

Freedom is whatever you want it to be: reading a book, staying away from crowded places and daily stress or rather just communicating to as many people as you encounter with… For some it’s nature, song of birds, for others just a sheer getaway from a daily routine, getting to know local lifestyle...

You can find all of them and more in BIG BERRY. But ultimately – freedom itself is a luxury on its own.



BIG BERRY is a small world of comfort and sophisticated design. Small on the outside but spacious on the inside. Refreshingly airy in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter. Nothing too much, nothing too little.

BIG BERRY is just like home but stress free, new and exciting.



BIG BERRY is a unique business concept of luxury accommodations combined with genuine and authentic surrounding in each of the destinations where it is situated. The accommodation is fully equipped and thoughtfully designed and as such offers to our guests a special experience during their stay.

In 2018 original BIG BERRY Kolpa River resort hosted around 100 artists and designers that together created more than 200 new designs done specifically for and inspired by BIG BERRY brand to give even more genuine luxury FEEL.



We see the surrounding area with its untouchable nature as a luxury good. The luxury of a contemporary home in direct contact with nature. There are not many places in the world where you can live in nature with a fully equipped kitchen and a TV, isn’t it?

All 3 destinations –  Kolpa river - Slovenia, Wies - Austria and Mamaia - Romania adopted this concept that stands in direct contact with nature. Dynamic accommodation concept perfectly combines the need to live in harmony with nature and the comfort of the modern home, make the stay in our destination unforgettable. Enjoy the green peaceful environment and escape from the daily routine.

Some future destinations might offer a unique city view, a unique housing, maybe a unique approach – but it will be luxurious, special, authentic, local and as close to nature then possible in the given location – and therefore – BIG BERRY like.



People from all around the world are always very welcome at BIG BERRY. It is great to get to know a lot of interesting people from different cultures and share experiences as travellers or business partners. Special place in BIG BERRY stays reserved for journalistsbloggers, photographers, who have visited our destination at Kolpa River in Slovenia, and contributed a lot to the whole project from the very beginning. Nourishing partnerships and connecting ideas is the basis on which the project lies and the same attitude will be preserved along the way.

Somehow unique is also BIG BERRY international team that is also welcoming new ideas from international students from all over the world every year – up until now there were people from more than 20 countries from all over the world participating in creation of BIG BERRY FEEL for our guests also coming to us from all over the world.