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BB Product Design

BIG BERRY (BB) interacts with its environment to create a symbiosis between nature and industry.

Product Design is part of BB Design Year Project which gathers industrial designers, architects and interior designers who are inspired by the current design of BIG BERRY and the brand elements. Projects aim to transform BIG BERRY into a total design brand, the one with design knitted into its DNA, all emphasized by the brand’s slogan - LUXURY OF FREEDOM. Through these projects, BIG BERRY encourages international collaborations and continuously connects designers with local producers and factories but also supports those actions by including local designs in a minimum of 30% of the total number of elements.

Designers are invited to redesign or develop new designs of brand elements that are or would be placed in the BBhouse or any other BB accommodation for future locations. Interior designers are developing a unique BB style which can be placed in various surroundings and at the same time reflect true BB feeling. The idea behind the elevator pitch A genuine living experience entirely integrated into the authentic local environment is becoming reality through all these design-based activities by ensuring replicability of BIG BERRY aesthetics and functionality in every single corner of the Earth.

All the brand elements and interior styling plans are placed on a list of products for new destinations from which each investor can choose the most appropriate according to the franchise agreement.

Designers are designing their own unique products/services/designs with specific brand guidelines which ensures compatibility and replicability. Each design will be promoted by individually created marketing plan and each element, interior design plan and styling plan will carry designers’ signature.
Without a person behind the item, there is just an object without the name - become BIG BERRY Product designer!
Developed @BIGBERRY #luxuryoffreedom

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