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BB University

Working at BIG BERRY as a student is not only a great summer experience, but development of a future career!

Each season BB Kolpa River Resort becomes an incubator of fresh ideas, multicultural characters and new energy. BB business model consist of learning platform development where students from all over the world are invited to contribute to real life business concept and to develop their professional and soft skills. Students are searched through various European and global internship programs from fields such as: event management, hospitality, industrial design, textile design, IT & Computing, journalism, marketing & PR, international Management, photography & videography, physiotherapy…

Every student has a chance to spend up to 6 months in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort or other BB destination and is motivated to join, develop or lead promotional projects and events. BB University program aims to gather innovative mindsets which fit in BBteam work and lifestyle puzzle.

Contribute with your creativity, ideas and freedom of thought - become a BIG BERRY University. Intern!

Developed @BIG BERRY Kolpa River, #Slovenia!

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