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Culinary experience to remember!

BIG BERRY started seasonal international gastronomic project in April 2017 with the aim to host 21 chefs from all over the world!

Experienced chefs are invited each season to prepare delicious dishes for the guests in the resort using ingredients and products produced by BIG BERRY local partners. On the other hand, BBchef gets to create his one-day cooking show in unique outdoor location while BBteam covers the event with complete media and digital content creation.

The project was developed with purpose of supporting local businesses & promotion of the destination through something that connects all people - food.

It is a weekly fine dining experience that provided to the guest the luxury feeling of eating authentic dishes with fresh ingredients from farms nearby. With the strong network of local brands we are able to offer our guests the genuine local experience they deserve.

Give a soul to your recipe and inspire others with delicious food - become a BIG BERRY Chef!

Developed @BIG BERRY Kolpa River, #Slovenia!

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