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BB Photography day

Every year in August, BIG BERRY celebrates photography on World Photography Day by organising BB Photography day contest. We believe that every photo can capture a special memory. That’s why we love celebrating those inspiring moments and all the stories told through the lens.

Since photography has a significant role in BIG BERRY brand, we decided to organise BB Photography day contest for the best photo made in BIG BERRY’s region - Bela Krajina and to award the best among them by the jury’s and the audience’s decision.

Awarding the best among them and spreading the word of the power of photography, we join the world celebration of this magnificent art form.

In honor of all great photographers we invite you to participate in the next photo contest capturing Slovenian region of Bela Krajina from your own perspective. We will have some great prizes. 

Do you want to be part of something BIG and have a chance to win a great prize?

Let’s celebrate photography together!


Developed @BIG BERRY Kolpa River, #Slovenia!


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