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The most important resource in any company are people and the only way to find perfect person for the team is that the person finds a the company first.

BIG BERRY team includes international young people, coming from every part of the world. Since the big opening in spring 2016, BIG BERRY was offering internships and giving the opportunity to gain new professional experience which resulted in having most quality people permanently employed in the team. Each team member earned a unique position and became a leader and a coordinator in the specific field of the company.

Our people are talented, because we believe that the talent comes out when an employee feels that the projects that are being done are fulfilling hers or his wish for curiosity, professional development or personal goals. Positive team spirit is built within each and every member of the diverse and multicultural team, which is in the end passed to students through BB University program.

There are no levels in the company, just layers - become a BIG BERRY Team member!

Developed @BIG BERRY Kolpa River, #Slovenia!