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MASTERMIND for great minds with eyes wide open!

BIG BERRY had the honor to announce international business project BIG BERRY Mastermind in April of 2017 season and with first out of 21 entrepreneurs that would share their expertize to younger generations.

Mastermind is a project developed in partnership with outstanding people - entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, managers, creative minds with great experience, who want to share their stories in the unique and idyllic setting – an incubator-like scenery, where creativity and synergy are strongly encouraged. The aim of the project is to stimulate knowledge-sharing events and activities that will motivate young people and give them positive examples for their professional and personal life.

While the lectures give a lot of knowledge to the participants, they are planned to be beneficial for everyone. So the guest speakers also receive all needed assistance, an increased visibility on nine major social media platforms and the opportunity to meet interesting people form BB network on other events throughout the year as well.

Share your expertise and pass your knowledge to the new generation - become a BIG BERRY  MASTERMIND!

Developed @BIG BERRY Kolpa River, #Slovenia!

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