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BB Empire - #4 Croatia

After England, we’ll fly over Europe and land in a country that has been developing its culture and traditions over the last decades. A real exotic pearl lost in the middle of Balkan region. Its magnificent beaches, with a light blue waters, call every summer thousands of tourists (even me). Yeah, that’s right! We are talking about Croatia. 
Welcome to the 4th episode of BIG BERRY Empire!

Ana Iskra is the sunshine of BIG BERRY. Her energy and positive mood infects everyone around her. In this way this episode is dedicated to this sweet member of BIG BERRY’s team.

Precariously located between the Balkans and central Europe, Croatia has been passed between competing empires, kingdoms and republics for centuries. From excellent museums and magnificent treasures that cover the apogee of European history, to the prehistoric and the post-communist that tells a story that is fascinating but at the same time horrifying.
Croatia offers a unique touristic pack with all the things we love: breathtaking natural landscapes, picture-perfect coast lines, sun, historic background, superb architecture, delicious seafood and wine and much more. Here are some places to visit and relax:

Dubrovnik is a magnificent city in the Croatian coast, that offers a wide variety of activities to its visitors, from museums, to the walls and forts to the cable car that gives us access to a sweeping landscape. 

If you are feeling a vibrant and cultural atmosphere, that means that you are probably in Zagreb. This European capital city plants its roots and traditions investing in green parks and museums that eternalize memories. For example you can visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Contemporary Art Center, Maksimir Park or Mirogoj. 

BB Empire is made of people. Thank you Ana!