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BB Empire - #3 England

Richard is one member of BIG BERRY’s international team. He is from London. In this way, the third episode of BB Empire is about Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizab… Ups! It’s just about England and the multicultural British stuff…

A trip through England is a magical journey through history. Indeed, you can feel and re-live all the centuries that turned England in one of the greatest countries in the world. Get ready and join millions of tourists arriving every year in England to visit the ancient stone circles, or to walk on the streets of London known as the "Gray City" for its rainy weather. The capital of England is full of romantic, charming and superb castles and palaces, which currently serve the royal family. Do not forget to visit Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster Palace, Hyde Park or Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

You can also discover the sites of the legend of King Arthur,  be in love with the sonnets of Shakespeare and prompt you from the medieval era to the future, admiring the space-age domes of Cornwall's Eden Project or exploring the 21st-century architecture in Manchester.

A trip on the famous red buses delineates a perspective of the calm and comfortable landscapes of different cities.
Finally, England draws our attention with its deep-rooted history that shows up from almost every street of the land of Her Majesty. 

BB Empire is made of people. Thank you, Richard!

Author: Bruno