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BB Empire - #5 Bulgaria

Maria is a young Bulgarian blogger who is passionate about travelling, adventures and unusual experiences. Her sense of responsibility and dedication to others and her work is clear, so she never leaves a dream behind. Let's get to know more about the country of this young conqueror...

From religion to art and exclusive architecture, over the night life to the wild landscapes delineated by the natural immensity of the mountains; to the ancient history and monuments to the endless beaches of the Black Sea. The fifth episode of BB Empire has just landed in the city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
Starting with the religious legacy, all the tourists and visitors get impressed with the vast and imposing gold-domed churches that appear in the silhouette of cities, such us the Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ, in Shipka or The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, in Sofia - one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world. In the small villages, fantastic paintings of saints can be found. The candlelight makes these scenarios mediaeval and enigmatic.

For nature lovers we have good news, Bulgaria has a wide choice of natural destinations. Infinite sandy beaches, attractive prices and fine weather is the perfect combination to catapult holidaymakers into Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts each summer. In contrast, Bulgaria's breathtaking mountains and glacial lakes accelerate the pulse of cyclists, walkers and skiers.

Take a look at the photos and enjoy the fantastic destinations in a country full of history. 

BB Empire is made of people. Thank you Maria!

Author: Bruno Santos