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BB Empire - #1 Portugal

As you know, Big Berry team is made by young people of different nationalities. Once together, we share the culture and traditions of each country. In this section we'll try to describe the empire built by cultural differences. In this way, it is possible to grow and strengthen or deepen the relationship between all.

We start with Portugal. A mysterious country full of cities with, not only ancient, but also contemporary attractions, medieval villages and charming seaside towns; Portugal's history is marked by ancient castles, romantic and elegant palaces, and a rich architectural heritage. The Palácio da Pena, in Sintra, was considered the most beautiful castle in Europe. It sits at the top of the mountain and its colourful construction contrasts with the green of the forest, often compared to a fairy tale. 
Portugal has constant sunshine, with temperatures reaching 40ºC, green natural parks and mountains, rivers and a huge coastline, usually used for international water sports competitions.

Finally, dotted throughout are stone-built villages, charming towns, and modern cities where museums and monasteries, full of history, are waiting for you. Traveling to Portugal can also mean an adventure to the verdant, subtropical island of Madeira - the "Atlantic Pearl" - or the amazing and tranquil Azores archipelago.

Author: Bruno Santos