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Why to CREATE a new BIG BERRY destination?

BIG BERRY is offering franchising concept, that meets the highest standard of contemporary design, comfort and quality. BIG BERRY homes are intended for equipping different touristic sites and for individual users as leisure-time dwellings. A three-tiered concept of BB mobile homes is intended to live in harmony with nature and to provide genuine living experience.

And not just that, you can also adapt your current accommodation or accommodation idea to BIG BERRY franchising concept just by adding some BIG BERRY elements into it. We will then make sure that the concept itself is the correct one and the guest will be as happy with you as they are in already existing BIG BERRY destinations.

With us, you’ll get recognisable and specially designed elements, recognition, full marketing, organizational and sales support and knowledge to co-create a place of your dreams from a small hotel, glamping site, camp, resort, farmhouse, tree house, attic overviewing the city, an abandoned train or a plane... Why not? With us, even the sky isn’t the limit. 


Who can CREATE a new BIG BERRY destination?

It is perfect for those who already have a touristic accommodation on their own but relate to our story and would like to join in. We’ll help you make sure that you add just enough BIG BERRY elements, design and concept that it will give the right feeling and will help you to increase the sales.

It is also perfect for those who have the means but lack the knowledge or time or just want to invest – don’t worry, we have your back.

And even if you think you don’t have all the means necessary but are passionate about it – give us a call and we’ll figure something out, together.


How to CREATE a new BIG BERRY destination?

Do you want to be a part of our BIG BERRY family and start your own business by legally using our idea? Let’s have a talk, we are always ready to help you. Just contact us.


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