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Kolpa River Slovenia


Bela krajina and Metlika's surrounding not-to-miss attractions.

Hill over Podzemelj - Kučar

3,8 km - 5 min drive

As part of the learning path Kučar-Kupa is possible to study the archaeological heritage of the subsoil and its surrounding areas. In a circular path in...
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The source of the river Krupa

9.9 km - 14 mins drive

The source of the Krupa River is the largest and one of the most beautiful and biologically most important karst springs in Bela Krajina. At high flow...
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Kolpa Krajinski Park

14.8 km - 20 mins drive

Krajinski Park stretches along the border of Kolpa River through the area between the Old Market and Dragos, entirely within the municipality of Črnomelj....
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Mirna Gora

25,8 km - 45 min drive

Mirna gora is the highest peak in Bela krajina (1047 m) and also one of the southeasternmost risings of the vast Kočevski Rog mountain massif. The belvedere...
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Hrast Pri Vinici Bauxite deposit

28.3 km - 33 mins drive

In the vicinity of the village Hrast pri Vinici you can visit one of the biggest and surface-wise one of the most beautiful bauxite deposits in Slovenia....
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Fern areas

Bela Krajina is land of white birch trees and eagle fern undergrowth called steljniki. These areas, once pastures where people raked leaves and scythed...
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