Luxury of freedom

Kolpa River Slovenia

The Resort

Welcome to the first Slovenian Luxury Lifestyle Resort along River Kolpa in town of Primostek, where you will meet a new concept and collection of luxury houses with multipurpose center.


2 m - 1 min drive

BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Resort has revealed its full potential for hosting different kinds events from of company gatherings and team buildings to weddings...
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Outdoor cinema

6 m - 1 min drive

Films are giving you the perfect opportunity to feel things you could not be able to feel in the real life. And what can be better than watching movies...
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Swimming pool in the river

12 m - 1 min drive

Feel like the current of the river is too strong or your child is too little two swim in the river? No problem! BIG BERRY has installed a floating swimming...
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Swimming place

33 m - 1 min drive

Take a refreshing swim in Kolpa river during your vacation at BIG BERRY. The crystal clear and 100% natural water will recreate your body and mind. You...
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58 m - 1 min drive

It is not exactly a Carribean sand strand what you'll find at the riverside of Kolpa river but the velvet lawn and the super comfortable butterfly chairs...
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87 m - 1 min drive

In BIG BERRY, visitor, too can fish. Kolpa river which is located along with BIG BERRY has lots of fish such as trout, salmon, catfish. Who knows? Perhaps,...
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94 m - 1 min drive

The New Productive Teambuilding Vacation Concept Working vacations are the best type of teambuilding vacations and short-term work projects for companies!...
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