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The New Productive Teambuilding Vacation Concept

Working vacations are the best type of teambuilding vacations and short-term work projects for companies! A ‘workation’ perfectly blends together a holiday in an exotic location with a productive business hours for the whole team.

With the evolving of the digital age and rejection of the traditional work environment, this trend is one of the fastest growing among teams all over the world. The main focus is still on working and getting things done but adding a holiday element to it – various activities such as hiking, surfing, rafting or whatever else the new destination has to offer.

The location choice is crucial to secure a really productive and inspiring workation retreat. The places should provide all the essential resources for working – high-speed internet, a fully stocked office, working space, etc., as well as an inspiring natural environment with variety of activities and sights.


Workations boost creativity, team work, productivity and effectiveness of the whole team. They also inspire networking, skill and knowledge sharing and proactivity. But most importantly, working holidays really boost the motivation among team members.


New and small companies, digital start-ups, teams within a company should all consider a workation at least once a year. Those types of vacations are also good for organizing start-up meetings, gatherings and other networking business events.

If you are wondering how to bring up your team spirit, increase productivity and motivation, a working holiday is your solution!  Bring your team in a productive environment and get things done without stress!

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