Luxury of freedom


BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Resort has revealed its full potential for hosting different kinds events from of company gatherings and team buildings to weddings and celebrations at Kolpa River destination. 25 000 m2 of open space area surrounded by nature and beautiful river Kolpa happened to be a perfect getaway from the city crowd and became a perfect place enjoy various outdoor activities and in this untouched natural oasis.

The resort can host up to 46 people in its cozy, fully equipped houses with the hot tub, offering a local breakfast and different range of activities. Grilling competition at the open BBQ house area, workshop on the terrace overlooking the river, enjoying sports and water activities or having a gastronomic experience such and tasting local wines could be a winning combination for your next event. 

A completely customized event is just at your reach, only 100 km away from Ljubljana and Zagreb, giving you the opportunity to experience a true Luxury of Freedom.

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