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BIG BERRY proudly presents Jana Piacun in its new project - BIG BERRY interior design

After last year filled with designers from all over the world who created magnificent items for BIG BERRY in BB Design Year project and its two project activities - BB Fashion design and BB Product design, it is time to put all together and to create new BIG BERRY design concept. We invited some of the most interesting and the most creative architects, interior designers and stylists with who we plan to create new & fresh BIG BERRY design concept. 

The very first among them is Jana Piacun, incredibly talented architect from Zagreb, Croatia. She is equally successful in creating comfortable and interesting interiors & scenography for films, videos and commercials. This versatile architect even got the biggest award in Croatia - Golden Arena on Pula Film Festival for Best Production Design in The Last Serb in Croatia made by Predrag Ličina.

We couldn’t be more proud of having Jana with us and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the final result of the cooperation!

BIG BERRY is fully prepared for its new attire. Let the transformation begin!

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