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Second Product Designers of the 2018 season

After a successful and refreshing launch of the 2018 season of BIG BERRY Product Design with the talented Poke Studio team, BIG BERRY Kolpa River was very happy to welcome the amazing and funny Hana Karim and Janža Dolinšek from Ljubljana, who stayed at BIG BERRY with their pottery wheel “Whisperer” for three whole days. It was a great opportunity to create handmade new BB Elements and for BB Team to participate - or at least to try!

Creativity, playfulness, hand-ability - three words to describe the stay of Hana Karim and Janža Dolinšek here at BIG BERRY. These two young and talented professional ceramics designers came to LUXURY OF FREEDOM to enjoy this wonderful place in nature and to experience some relaxing and refreshing moments.

DSC 0912 Hana Karim Studio 7

The two arrived on Monday evening after making a long trip to pick up their main raw material. After listening to the presentation of the BB Brand and BB Elements, setting up at their BB House and gently positioning Whisperer between two beautiful trees by the river - it was its first trip away from Hana’s studio - our two designers enjoyed the rest of the quiet evening by discovering the area, the murals, having a good diner and a relaxing in the BB Hot Tub.

The following day comprised everything we needed for pottery making: beautiful weather and warm atmosphere. After catching the first sunlight reflecting on Kolpa river, Hana and Janža started to prepare all the materials they needed for a whole day of creation and work. For the first time in BIG BERRY’s young history, we had the chance to see live, handmade artistic creations.

Hana Karim Studio 5 

In the morning, they dedicated their time to catching inspiration from environment and nature, and the started to mould different shapes and designs. It was very impressive to see so much precision and how a simple piece of mud can be transformed into a totally original design.

It’s wonderful that BB Team had the chance to participate in a private workshop with our two specialists. It was a very nice moment to learn the basis of this complicated art.

In the afternoon, our two ceramics designers continued their work by adding details and colors to their creations. A long day of hard work was very enjoyable thanks to an inspirational and cozy place.

Hana Karim Studio 3 Hana Karim Studio 1

What about the creations? Hana has a versatile and experienced ceramics designers wanted to design something for guests and people visiting BIG BERRY. She decided to make a new collection of berry mugs and bowls from which one could enjoy our BB Partners’ products and natural berries. She made a handmade collection with a round and sweet shape of big berries! The very talented Janža, as a dog lover and owner, felt that BIG BERRY was missing something, so she made bowls for food and water for our guests’ four-legged friends! Now they will be able to enjoy the BB experience as well as their owners. She also started to create different shapes of vases for plants that will fit perfectly in our space.

Hana Karim Studio 2 Hana Karim Studio 4

Hana and Janža had a full workation experience with us that lasted two days. We are now so excited to see the whole collection of their amazing handmade ceramics products!

We are so proud to have welcomed those creative, passionate and funny product designers and people. It was a true pleasure and a new experience to see this art live performance here at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.

Hana Karim Studio 8

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By Augustin Martinez