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BB World mural by Tea Jurišić


BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art Colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Tea Jurišić – Kvar Illustrations is a Croatian illustrator, painter and visual artist in love with ink, watercolors and Frank Zappa, whose second life is based deep under the sea, as she works also as a diving instructor. Tea spent 2 working weeks in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort in April 2019 and created BB House side wall mural as well as the biggest mural ever made for BIG BERRY - 100 m2 big mural which adorns the ceiling of the reception terrace.

Read more about the mural she created, inspired by the BB Mastermind project.

The concept 

Tea Jurisic - Kvar Illustrations is a Croatian illustrator, painter, visual artist and professor of illustration at The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. One interesting thing to note is that she was also the professor of last year's muralist, Maja Biondić, whose mural still enriches the BB house in the Wies franchise.

Read more about Tea Jurišić – Kvar Illustrations. 

As an inspiration for making the biggest and the most important mural that represents the whole BIG BERRY world, Tea took a very close look at the pictures and descriptions we posted on both the website and various social networks: "Then I made a list of things that, to me, seemed to be the most important and the most representative.” And we can confirm that she understood the essence of BIG BERRY brand.

BB Art Colony 2019 Tea Jurisic BB World

“I decided to present portraits of various BIG BERRY guests in this mural. I made a mural that represents the whole resort. Here is the Kolpa river, a large field and various people enjoying different activities available in the resort." As you can see in various photos, the mural presents BIG BERRY activities: "…practicing yoga, reading a book under the mighty trees, enjoying BIG BERRY swings or various sports and swimming in the river. I also made the typical BIG BERRY Houses and BB BBQ House.” A true portrait of a typical day in BIG BERRY world. 

To illustrate the relaxed atmosphere of the resort even better, she consciously used a gentle color palette for this mural: "The mural is very close to people at the terrace and in this case it should be calm and relaxing, and not attacking you with strong colors."

Symbolism in the mural

This mural is an emotional map of everything that represents the BIG BERRY feeling that comes from a basic sense of the Luxury of Freedom. The freedom of relaxation from daily commitments, the liberating feeling of forgetting to check your phone and e-mail. The freedom to read in bed or enjoy a canoe ride and enjoy the tranquility of nature. The freedom to sit under oaks that are older than your great-grandparents and the sound of the wind playing with their leaves. The mural depicts all those luxurious feelings that are so basic and increasingly rare, and quite typical for BIG BERRY. 

In addition to the luxury of freedom, this mural also brings a sense of belonging, trusted friends and family, security. It forms the basis for living with roots so strong that you can peacefully expand into a rich treetop. The BIG BERRY world mural represents a local feeling - the local landscape and surroundings, as well as the feeling of being someone, something to someone. Feeling connected.

Tea Jurisic 2019 BB Art Colony BB world2 BB Art Colony 2019 BB World Tea Jurisic2

The process of making the mural 

Unlike most of the artists involved in the project, Tea already has extensive experience in making murals. Still, every mural is unique to her. This one was even more special because: "It was the first time she had made a mural that was not in one piece." 

This mural, with its 100 m2 is also the biggest ever made in BIG BERRY, consists of smaller panels of 2 to 2.5 m2 in size, which Tea painted on the floor, and were then moved and arranged on the ceiling. Many could think that this made it easier for her to work, but they would be mistaken: "The hardest part was that the mural was on the floor, which means that I could not see it from afar during the production."

 However, Tea, as an artist, is very resourceful and solved the problem very creatively: "I made a rough sketch, then took a photo of it and combined it into Photoshop in one image so that I could see if everything was properly connected."She also emphasized that "every bit of a mural has its own story and can be completely independent from the rest." 

It was also difficult to work because of the weather, as there were many rainy and windy days. Considering the fact that it is in nature, various insects were getting stuck in fresh color… But obviously it is an interaction with nature,” she laughed. In the end, the mural was successfully done and was placed on the ceiling.

BB Art Colony 2019 BB World Tea Jurisic 2019 BB Art Colony 

Ideas for photographs

 Although the mural is on an unusual location, the ceiling is ideal for taking pictures of families who have shared their sense of belonging with us, for all the hedonists who have enjoyed their stay to the fullest, for all of you who explore the surroundings with a canoe, bike or SUP, for those who have tried yoga or drove a BB golf car. It is also great for anyone who just wants a very unusual and stunning picture to remember.


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