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BB University mural by Nastja Mezek


BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so, BB Art colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Nastja Mezek is a young artist with a master's degree in painting. She created a special mural for us about the BB University project, through which dozens of students from all over the world have contributed to the development of BIG BERRY 

The concept

Nastja Mezek is a young artist with a master's degree in painting. Her distinctive fluid style gives her the opportunity to work in a variety of settings - currently, scenography is her main field of art. Her mural story is a contemporary interpretation of the project itself - as multiple heads come together it creates space for flourishing ideas in the most creative way.

Art Colony 2019 Nastja Mezek

Here you can read more about Nastja Mezek

When she got the theme BB University, she decided to combine the theme with the abstract images that have inspired her lately. “The mural is a collage of plots, a little abstract, but still clear enough to see that it represents a multitude of different people on the pile, connected by visual elements. Knowledge, reading, writing, and collective work express new ideas and this connects this group of people,” she explained.

Symbolism in the mural 

BIG BERRY's important family are all its members, people who are creating the story. BB team gatheres at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort at the beginning of the spring, and they bring life into the Resort after a long winter sleep. And every year students from all over the world, BIG BERRY's jewels and diamonds, come to knit their imagination, knowledge and experience into BIG BERRY story.

Because of them, this place has a soul - young, playful, open, unlimited, creative. A soul eager for new experiences, meeting new people and wanting to feel at home in BIG BERRY. These young people with open hearts and without boundaries come to BIG BERRY and selflessly enrich it with their experience.

BB Art Colony 2019 Nastja Mezek

The process of making the mural

Nastja made the mural for the first time. “This was the thing that worried me the most because I didn't know how to scale it up on that size. I was already doing large formats, but never so huge and I couldn't imagine how to put this small drawing on the wall. This was what I was most afraid of. But now I see that's no problem at all. " 

"I really enjoy making this mural, maybe because I haven't done anything so big in a long time that I would need to step away from what I was doing and observe it from afar," she concluded.

 BB AC 2019 Nastja Mezek Nastja Mezek Art Colony 2019

Ideas for photographs

The mural is the perfect background for a variety of photographs - for teams on team buildings or vacations. For everyone who knows how important family is and just wants to send them greetings. For all students everywhere. It's also perfect for group pictures, brainstorming in front of a chair mural, or when you're feeling fun and creative. For a photo of the aha moment- when the perfect idea comes to your mind.

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