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BB Mastermind mural by Tea Jurišić


Mural – BB Mastermind

BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Tea Jurišić – Kvar Illustrations is a Croatian illustrator, painter and visual artist in love with ink, watercolors and Frank Zappa whose second life is based deep under the sea, as she works also as a diving instructor. Tea spent 2 working weeks in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort in April 2019 and created BB House side wall mural as well as the biggest mural ever made for BIG BERRY - 100 m2big mural which adorns the ceiling of the reception terrace.

Read more about the mural she created, inspired by the whole BIG BERRY world.

The concept

Tea Jurisic - Kvar Illustrations is a Croatian illustrator, painter, visual artist and professor of illustration at The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. One interesting thing to note is that she was also the professor of last year's muralist, Maja Biondić, whose mural still enriches the BB house in the Wies franchise.

Read more about Tea Jurišić – Kvar Illustrations.

BB Art Colony 2019 Mastermind 

Tea's theme is one of the biggest projects held in BIG BERRY Kolpa River each year since the opening. But she was free to interpret it in her own way: “Mastermind is someone who is always ready to accept even more knowledge and connections, and is constantly learning from life experiences and from other people. So I portrayed a young woman holding and reading a book in one hand. On the other hand, she is ready to take on even more knowledge, which is represented by the planet with Saturn's rings. Each of the rings, however, carries a different form of knowledge - chemical formula, music and other things."

 She portrayed a woman who is completely open to new knowledge, without boundaries and obstacles, just like BIG BERRY. 

Symbolism in the mural

At BIG BERRY, we believe that knowledge is the greatest power of man and society, so we love to share it. Through the BB Mastermind project, we organize lectures and workshops to strengthen our own team, but also to help partners and neighbours. We host employers, digital nomads, and other professionals, and we strive to build connections and networks between people, while satisfying everyone’s thirst for knowledge. 

Because we believe that the whole world is a classroom, we strive to make the BIG BERRY classroom a place where creativity and curiosity are stimulated on a daily basis, where brainstorming is in the daily schedule and where stress is just a word in a dictionary. Modern classroom in nature, which is also perfectly portrayed on the mural. 

The process of making the mural 

Tea is an experienced muralis who created the first lines from the sketch to the large surface of BB House side wall on a cold night with the assistance of the projector. »I really enjoyed the process, although it was difficult«, she admitted. The weather was quite unfriendly at the time of making this mural, so the paint didn't dry as well as it could, but Tea patiently took care of it and completed this beautiful mural.

 BB Art Colony 2019 Tea Jurisic BB Art Colony 2019 Tea Jurisic Mastermind

Ideas for photographs 

The mural is a perfect background for a wide variety of photographs - for all curious people, scholars, students and teachers. For everyone who believe a book in their hand means relaxation. For anyone who brought their favorite science subject with them, or for those who found that in the universe that Tea portrayed - whether it be music, chemistry, biology, math or art - there is something for everyone.


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