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BB Fashion mural by Meta Wraber


BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so, BB Art colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Meta Wraber is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ljubljana. For us, she created a mural dedicated to art and fashion that glorifies everyone who left their very special mark in BIG BERRY. 

The concept

Meta Wraber, an illustrator and graphic designer from Ljubljana, studied visual communication design at the University of Ljubljana. Her main interests are editorial, food, and fashion illustration. She described her style, which is based on quick brush strokes in addition to precisely drawn details: "The idea is that it looks like you did something with ease, but in fact, there is a lot of work and sketches behind it." 

BB Art Colony 2019 Meta Wraber BB Art Colony 2019 Meta Wraber mural

Here you can read more about Meta Wraber. 

When she got for the BB Fashion theme, she first made sketches in her characteristic technique. “We chose a floral sketch, to which I then added to a portrait to look more fashionable. Mural with a summer look."

This was Meta's the first mural, but despite the lack of experience, she made it quickly and with ease. “Preparation is everything. If you prepare well, you can do it well. Just like any visual art.“ 

Mural symbolism 

BIG BERRY has been inspired by art since the beginning. There is no better way to understand a place than to touch it, feel it with your skin and discover its authenticity. With a rich history of fashion design and the fashion industry in Bela krajina, they believe that this place is not only the perfect setting for fashion shows, but also an ideal place for inspiration for creating stunning fashion.

In 2018, BIG BERRY hosted more than 70 different designers, who were inspired by the brand, its concept and the strongest manifestation of it – BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort. They created more than 200 different items for them, which will eventually be included in the brand's visual identity.

Meta Wraber Art Colony 2019 Meta Wraber AC 2019

Ideas for photographs

The mural represents the ideal photo for all fashion divas, designers and fashion lovers, trendsetters. For everyone wearing a BB bathrobe, enjoying the luxury of freedom, relaxation and fashion. Show us your best fashion outfit in the middle of nature or buy a fashion piece from Slovenian designers at the reception - the perfect souvenir and photo.

Meta Wrabe BB A rt Colony 2019

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