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BB Family mural by Taja Sever - Kukamkuro

BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Taja Sever – Kukamkuro brought her whole family with her for inspiration, a bit of help and, above all, for a beautiful family weekend. So the theme had its own live manifestation. Her mural represents BIG BERRY’s guests, all forms of families, who actively spend their time together in Bela krajina’s nature while creating new memories together.

The concept 

Taja Sever is a lovely artist who found herself in illustration after studying landscape architecture. Nowadays, her main focus are innovative tourist souvenirs, based on traditional elements. The idea is that someone observes Slovenia, from which the name of her brand, Kukamkuro, comes from. Taja is also a mom who brought her family with her and had tons of their help in the process of making BB Family mural.

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I believe I got this theme also because of my “situation”, she laughed. "I was thinking about family and the Kolpa river, and I got the idea of an activity you can do here or a memory that you bring back from vacation, so I thought of bikes that could be tandems or tricycles or any other type, the bicycles everyone can use."

Symbolism in the mural / Mural symbolism 

One of the most typical guests at BIG BERRY are families. Young, old, with children, with pets… But what stands out is how easy it is for guests in Bela krajina to create new, temporary families. Maybe it is because of nature, maybe because of the air, maybe because of the activities, but also maybe because of food, wine, brandy or beer. This is where people connect in a gentle and completely natural way. And even though their paths separate, the sense of belonging to the family on the Kolpa remains and travels with them.

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As a young mother of two beautiful girls, Taja brought her whole family together for an inspiration and a lovely family weekend. So the theme itself had its own manifestation in reality in the moment of making the mural.

“The idea is that one bike unites one family. So we have a single mother, some atypical family that I still don't know if they are brother and sister and someone’s partner, or the guys are partners and she and her kid are with them." She wanted to present, in particular, a break from the classic families, and anyone could tell from the murals what suited them best. Her mural represents our guests, all forms of families actively socializing in the nature of Bela krajina and creating memories together.

The process of making the mural

Taja made a mural of this size for the first time, and it was a bit intimidating: "It's because we are all so digital nowadays, where things can be deleted or changed if you don't like them. Here you can't, so it's something else completely." But the brush in her hand reawakened her memories and inspired her: "This is very out of my comfort zone, but I enjoy it very much, it's nice to go back to the basics, to the brushes and paint."

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In this case, she said: "small art comes into the wider environment of nature", and if you ask us – in the most beautiful nature of them all – Bela krajina, a jewel made for family vacations.

Ideas for photographs 

Her mural is an ideal photo for families of all kinds. For a photo with new and old friends. To tell the part of the family who stayed home that you are thinking about them. If you have your puppy with you or miss it, with flowers in your hands, on a bike, you can even rent one at the front desk or you just like the mural as much as we like it.

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