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Bela krajina mural by Marko Rop

BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art Colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Marko Rop is a Slovenian illustrator - and not to be misled by his youthful appearance, he is an experienced and versatile artist who prefers to tell stories through his works. For BIG BERRY he prepared and painted a wonderful story about the even more beautiful Bela Krajina region where BIG BERRY was born.

The concept 

Although the greatest inspiration for the preparation of all the murals was the Bela krajina region, this particular theme was given to Marko Rop, internationally known Slovenian illustrator.

Read more about Marko Rop.

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“Given the fact I already lived near Kolpa river, it is a magical river for me which gave me probably the biggest source of inspiration for my artwork,” he said. While he was studying, he and his roommates from Ljubljana rented a house in Kastel ob Kolpi and drove from there to Bled. Marko had an atelier in the nature, surrounded by animals. And when he was invited to participate in the BB Art Colony project, he said, "Yes, anything, just so I can go to Kolpa again."

Nature was also the main inspiration for his mural full of trees, animals, plants and represents the intertwining of beautiful nature and friendly people, which is also the essence of being in BIG BERRY. He has created a true image of Bela krajina as a fairytale land on the Kolpa river, full of birches and animals - unspoiled nature perfect for relaxing and slowing down the fast pace of life, but still offers many opportunities to enjoy in different activities.

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Bela krajina certainly has something for everyone. And the mural represents it as it is - a place where everyone feels at home, relaxed, rooted and enjoying life. He created a memory that will surely be close to all the locals, and foreign guests will bring it into the world.

Symbolism in the mural / Mural symbolism

This mural represents appreciation for the entire region. Dreamy area along the banks of the Kolpa river, full of grapes, corn, birch, oak and spruce, animals and wild flowers. Its pristine nature provides a great base not only for relaxation and slowing down, but also for enjoying life through many activities. From walking, hiking, canoeing and swimming to picking mushrooms, chestnuts and wild flowers. Bela krajina certainly offers something for everyone.

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Apart from the stunning nature, people are that secret ingredient which adds warmth in Bela Krajina’s identity. They are those that make our guests feel at home as soon as they put their foot on the ground of Bela krajina. This is an ideal place where anyone can grow roots and enjoy life slowly.

The process of making the mural

This was Marko’s first mural, but he is experienced in making info tables which he did while living in Vienna. You can read more about it here. 

He made a sketch and elements that he simply transferred to a larger surface. "The most challenging part are my motoric skills of painting on a ladder," he said with a laugh.

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Ideas for photographs

Bela krajina mural is the perfect background for photographs for all locals, nature lovers and bird watchers. For everyone who likes to slow down and enjoy the present moment. For those of you who pick up a picnic basket and take a photo in front of the mural before enjoying delicious moments in nature. For anyone who spotted any of the animals from the mural, but didn’t have the time to capture them with their cameras.


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