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BB Chef mural by Teja Ideja

Project BB Art Colony started in 2018 and has hosted since 17 international artists who created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Mural BB Chef, made by Teja Ideja, represents one of BIG BERRY’s the most important projects and amazing cuisine of Bela Krajina region.

Teja came to BIG BEERY on a rainy weekend in April when the weather was suitably capricious and quite persistent in erasing Teja's work made during dry weather. But she didn't give up. In her boots and many layers of clothing, she showed the weather she could be even more stubborn and she continued with drawing. While entertaining everyone around her. And if she were to create just one mural for us, she would be able to overcome the weather. But there were two of them. So she came back to us for another, much sunnier weekend, creating not one but two wonderful pieces of art and definitely the most delicious BIG BERRY house.

You can read more about her travel mural by clicking on this link.

The concept 

Teja Klec, better known as Teja Ideja, is a fun, versatile artist and designer with a degree in dramaturgy. She draws her inspiration from the memories of her grandmothers' 50s-style home. Nowadays known mostly for enamelware, she has been given the theme of BB Chef.

Here you can read more about Teja Ideja.

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"We have a house and I have to put food in it. And food is being produced here and it's great. But I'll make a pantry," ahe says laughingly about the theme. "And so I conserved the products that grow here, and which BIG BERRY praise."

Teja Idea created a pantry on the side wall of the BB House. A pantry full of fresh delicacies from the Bela krajina. She created a colorful, nostalgic and very tasty piece of art.

Symbolism in the mural / Mural symbolism 

BIG BERRY is one of those places that believes love goes through the stomach. And we in BIG BERRY took it so seriously that we made BB breakfast a luxury experience of enjoying local, fresh food, which is food for both the stomach and the soul of the guests.

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In addition to our magnificent BB breakfast, we also celebrate food through one of our favorite projects - BB Chef, through which carefully selected chefs from around the world come to BIG BERRY and create their own masterpieces using as many local products as possible. Here they have the opportunity to cook under the mighty, centuries-old, American red oaks, in the pool, on the guest terraces, in the BBQ house, in the middle of the lawn, or even in the canoe - to connect with food more freely. This is an opportunity for them to experience what the luxury of freedom really means.

An important detail of their magical dishes are the products of BB partners - organic, genuine, authentic and local ingredients that are woven into their symphony of taste and experience. From beer, brandy and wine; through chocolate, ghee, marmalades, fruits (various berries of course), yoghurts, milk, cheese, salami, fish, eggs, bread and the queen of all bakery products – belokranjska pogača. Unforgettable.

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Teja Idea, who created two murals, imagined it as a "pantry" for all this fresh local food, creating the most delicious BB House along the Kolpa River. 

The process of making the mural

What exactly is a mural or wall painting? A mural is any piece of artwork that is painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surface. A characteristic feature of wall paintings is that the architectural elements of a given space, in this case BB houses, are harmoniously incorporated into the painting.

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Prior to production, our artists were given dimensions, location photos, a theme and a wide color palette from which to choose their own color palette. The process itself was new to most artists, including the Teja Idea. As she says, she has already worked "for buses and planes, but this is done on a computer, and then some masters make stickers, others transfer them on the surface."

Teja made a sketch digitally, which is a result of a considerable amount of research through which she explored various techniques, and finally chose the design of the net, which she transferred proportionally to a larger surface.

Ideas for photographs

This mural is the ideal background for all foodies, as well as for all those who enjoyed the BB breakfast and those exploring the dishes offered by the Bela krajina; for professional and amateur chefs, as well as any fan who otherwise prefers to wash dishes. It is also a great photo spot for anyone who has tried to cook in their own BB House or barbecue; for all who have visited any of BB partners; for vegetarians, strawberry lovers… And simply for anyone who perceives the journey through the food they eat.

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