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Latest BB Red Violet Carpet Photo Stories


The BB Red Violet Carpet represents the logo in a life form. You can place it wherever you want. It is flexible and can be used outdoors and indoors. It symbolizes smile and connection between people which is why it is one of the first items to be seen at BB reception area.

BB carpet is high quality and environmentally friendly logo carpet that can handle both indoor and outdoor conditions.

BB Carpet represents the logo in a life form, and it acts as a friendly smile and a warm greeting to all BB quests.

BB Carpet – a great way to make a positive first impression on every customer that comes to visit us. When decorating for special events, this carpet is an inevitable part because it provides unique floor signage and looks perfect in every photograph. Of course, it can also serve as a rag to wipe feet.

Putting your logo on the first thing a client sees when walking in, creates a memorable brand experience. BB carpet not only welcomes customers and showcases our brand, but also reduces slips and falls at some point.
You can place it wherever you want. It is soft, durable and resistant to stains. The main idea is to symbolize smile and connection between people.


  • Entrance brand element
  • Indoor rag
  • Outdoor element for brand visibility
  • Unique element for media events
  • Pet lounge area
  • Decoration (even on walls)
  • Place to sit on during seminars