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BB Butterfly Chairs


Made of a high-quality material with unique design, the BB Butterfly Chair can be taken everywhere. It is weather resistant, easy to maintain, and adaptable to any location; close to the river or at the beach, at your porch or in the garden.

Butterfly chairs have been here for decades and have been used outdoors many years ago. Officially, butterfly chairs have been designed first time in Argentina in 1938 and since then, they never lost its popularity.

What makes the butterfly chair so popular even nowadays and why BB have chosen them?

Honestly, you just need to try to sit on one and you’ll understand how ridiculously comfortable they are.

Made of a high-quality material and unique design, the butterfly chair can be taken everywhere. It is weatherproof, easy to maintain and adaptable to any occasion. You can place it on a riverside or at the beach, at your porch or in the garden. It will look perfect in any setting.

Ready for the best part? You can easily change the cover to swap from indoor to outdoor use, or wash it. With a little inspiration, you can design your own cover, decorate old ones or buy trendy ones.

What people mostly love about this chair is that it is super cozy to sit on and move around. BB guests enjoy and love to flop down on butterfly chairs. BB seats guests in a style!


  • Outdoor cinema
  • Sunbathing
  • Reading a book
  • Coffee breaks
  • BBQ events
  • Workation
  • Team buildings
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