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Two days of visiting BIG BERRY partners

Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th of June were awesome days here at BIG BERRY as we toured around Bela krajina region with the BB Mini car visiting our local partners. We had Max and Oksana from Drink Tea & Travel visiting us, so we took them around for two days to see the best parts of Bela krajina!

Our first stop was at our dear partner Domače Dobrote Mojca, where we learned everything about the traditional bread from Bela Krajina, pogača. When we arrived at Mojca’s, the first thing we all noticed was the delicious smell of fresh baked bread. It was a great welcoming! Mojca’s bakery has an over 20-year-old history of making pogača and we all watched excited as she showed us how to make it from preparing the dough to taking the burning hot bread out of the oven.

After Mojca, we headed out to Oljarna Pečarič in the middle of Metlika’s vineyards for oil tasting. Pečarič produces cold-pressed oils from many kinds of nuts and seeds such as walnut, pumpkin, hazelnut, apricot and hemp, and we got to taste over 20 of them! We brought with us some pogača from Mojca and dipped it in to the oils tasting so many different flavors. We were all overwhelmed to hear about the many health benefits all these oils have, they can fix any illness!

For lunch we drove to Črnomelj to our third partner of the day, Gostilna Müller. Gostilna Müller has been open since 1965 and it offers a variety of delicious local dishes and wines. As it was a beautiful sunny day, we sat down outside at the terrace next to a forest view and the river Lahinja. It was a perfect place to sit down and enjoy a peaceful lunch!

We ended Wednesday’s adventures at Tik-Tak Café enjoying their homemade, 100% natural ice cream for dessert. Tik-Tak Café offers over 70 different flavors of ice cream both dairy and non-dairy sorbets. As we sat down enjoying the delicious ice creams, the friendly owner Zdenka Stipanović told us about the products they offer and how they are made. She even showed us the machines and explained how they work!

 BB Stories Mojca PROFILE
Mojca and freshly baked pogača

BB stories pecaric 1
Oil tasting at Pečarič

BB stories wed mueller
The peaceful terrace at Müller

BB Stories wed tik tak
The colorful flavors at Tik-Tak

On Thursday we started the day by visiting the Krupa river spring close to Semič. Though it was a rainy day, the turquoise water looked beautiful as always. The spring of Krupa river is the perfect place to take stunning nature photos as the view is just absolutely beautiful!

After enjoying the views at Krupa spring, we were warmly welcomed for lunch at Domačija Šrajf. We enjoyed some delicious pasta, chicken and vegetables all homemade and from local products. After eating, the owner Sonja Škof took us around the yard showing the old machines used for farm work, and across the street we visited their old houses working as a museum. The houses show how the life in Bela Krajina region was decades ago with dozens of different household items.

Our third partner for the day was Domačija Kuzma where visitors can see how flour was made in the 16th century from dozen different cereals. During our visits we were introduced to the story of the mill, the techniques used in grain milling and the whole history of producing flour.

We ended our awesome partners tour with fish dinner at Kmetija Zupančič. The simple and delicious dinner consisted of grilled trout, potatoes and salad, all local of course. Zupančič’s farm is truly a unique place because it is the only place in the world where you can see the black cave salamander which was discovered in Doblicica and later in the spring of Jelševnik, 300 years after the white olm.

 BB stories thursday krupa
The Krupa spring is perfect place for amazing nature shots!

BB stories thursday Srajf
Museum items at Domačija Šrajf

BB stories thursday Kuzma 2
Learning about the Kuzma mill

BB stories thursday zupancic
Preparing delicious fish dinner at Kmetija Zupančič