Luxury of freedom

Sometimes, plants are the only thing you need for a good design

Did you notice how we all feel better and behave more relaxed while in nature? Did you ever think about living in nature? And what about - working in nature? BB team has the privilege to work 6 months in, if you ask us, the most beautiful place in the world  BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort. Besides amazing architecture and the fantastic design of BB brand elements there is one secret ingredient which brings us back over and over again  the nature. 

Plant design BB nature 4 Plant design BB nature 3

Imagine working 30 steps from the entrance of Kolpa river, where you can jump in on your lunch break; or working while sitting under oaks, those old ladies who stepped into their second century; or having a meeting while walking barefoot through the resort all the way to the end of it, where the magical Zen Area is waiting for you with a fresh breeze thanks to a total of 5 sources of refreshingly cold water; or simply enjoying our vertical garden.

Plant design BB nature 2 Plant design BB nature 1

Photo by: Jadranka Lacković

Our newest obsession is moss – a plant which loves humid areas (thank you Kolpa!), and with which it is also possible to create artwork and to design! And because of our projects related to art and design - BB Art colony and BB Design year project (BB Fashion design and BB Product design), we are surrounded by amazing creative souls who inspired us to seriously think about inserting moss art and design into our BB story.

Moss ceilings, moss art, moss carpet, moss mural or even moss Feng Shui garden and Marimo moss balls, it is hard to decide. But one thing we know - we are officially in love with this amazing and practical plant, which reminds us of humbleness and simplicity with its ability to grow best when it is kept out of the spotlight or simply –  left alone.

Oleant.zuzmolampa.01 il 570xN.1057349677 rvi7

Source: Oleant  and Etsy.

A great reminder how it doesn’t take much for happiness. Thank you nature!