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New BB Team member - Made in South Korea

When we headed to South Korea for the Winter Olympic Games at the beginning of February, we felt like we were in a dream and couldn’t actually believe that our company is a partner of Slovenia House 2018. Of course, we were conscious of the fact that it’s not every day that we get to travel to South Korea or to participate and work at the Olympic Games, so we decided to use this opportunity as much as possible. What a great dream that was!   

South Korea Olympic Games BIG EBRRY 04

It’s safe to say that we really enjoyed every second of the time we spent travelling around the “pali-pali” land. We had 21 amazing active days during which we explored their culture, cuisine, fashion, architecture, design, tradition, but also made some new friends.

South Korea Olympic Games BIG EBRRY

When talking about new friends and experiences in South Korea, we have some great news to share with you! Better than any achievement we could ever make in South Korea, we are happy to tell you all that we somehow managed to bring a friend from that Asiatic land and provide him with the same opportunity we had in his country: to work and travel abroad!

South Korea Olympic Games BIG EBRRY 07

After we got to know Hoon in Korea, or better yet, after he approached us while working as a volunteer in a traditional food fair in  Pyeongchang-gun, he took us around and introduced us to the local food that was being sold at that place, and he won us over very easily.

Even though we are not from Slovenia, we consider it our responsibility to introduce Hoon to this amazing country and we can ensure you that the whole thing started off really well! After picking Hoon up at the Ljubljana airport, we took him straight to the city centre so he could walk around and enjoy the culinary specialities.

South Korea Olympic Games BIG EBRRY 01

As soon as we reached the Ljubljana city centre and Hoon spotted all the old buildings, admired the lighting, river and night-life of the town, and was amazed by all the people enjoying life outdoors in the fresh air,  Sanghoon Park, a 25-year-old student of graphic design, shouted: “Wow…. It’s like I’m in a dream!” :D

South Korea Olympic Games BIG EBRRY 03

We can never really know if this is a dream or not, but all I know is that it’s up to us to enjoy this time as best as possible!

A big welcome to Hoon from everyone on our team. =)



Written by Mariliza Bonesso