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BB University exploring Bela Krajina: Sodevska Stena

In the beginning of June, when the summer was starting, our BB University crew – interns from France, Turkey, Croatia, Finland and Hungary – also started their adventures together in BIG BERRY! We were all very excited to be in the green and gorgeous countryside of Slovenia, and we decided to explore the region of Bela krajina to get to see more of the Slovenian nature.

On our first adventure day we packed ourselves in one car and headed all together to see a viewpoint in the hills called Sodevska Stena. As soon as we started our journey, the beauty of Slovenia opened up ahead of us: vineyards, cornfields, green forests and amazingly green mountains! After a while of driving around on the narrow, winding rounds in the middle of dozens of green vineyards, we finally found the start of the hiking track! It was a sunny summer morning, a perfect day to enjoy nature.

BIG BERRY Backstage Sodevska Stena 1

BIG BERRY Backstage Sodevska Stena 2

After some time of hiking up the hill, we came to a crossing and didn’t know where to turn. Walking around, looking a bit lost, we got our first encounter with the Slovenian hospitality: a passer-by stopped to offer help and as we told him what we are searching for, he got out of his car and walked us the rest of the way! With the help of a friendly stranger, we finally reached Stodevska Stena on top of the hill, and the amazing view was worth all the hiking!

BIG BERRY Backstage Sodevska Stena 3

BIG BERRY Backstage Sodevska Stena 4

Sodevska Stena viewpoint is a special place to view the Kolpa river, as from there you can admire both the Croatian and the Slovenian landscapes. We all stood quiet for a while just admiring the view: green mountains, fields, some few houses here and there, and the green Kolpa River dividing these two beautiful countries. Before we left the viewpoint, we wrote our names and a short message from the BB Team in the notebook kept in the place. It was really interesting to see how many people from many different countries had left their marks in this notebook!

BIG BERRY Backstage Sodevska Stena 5

BIG BERRY Backstage Sodevska Stena 6

Our first BB University adventure was such a fun and interesting trip! We got our first touch with the gorgeous Slovenian (and Croatian) nature and got to know the region that would be our home for this summer. This was the perfect beginning for a summer full of adventures!