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The World Design Impact Prize

Today we will introduce one of the famous industrial design competition called the World Design Impact Prize. The competition take place every two years to introduce new industrial design projects and find them to worth to give the prize. This year's experts already has been published on the organization's web page.

Brandon Gien of Australia, 2013-2015 President & Convenor of the Senate
Soon-In Lee of South Korea, 2011-2013 President
Mark Breitenberg of the United States, 2009-2011 President
Carlos Hinrichsen of Chile, 2007-2009 President
Peter Zec of Germany, 2005-2007 President
Luigi Ferrara of Canada, 2003-2005 President
Robert Blaich of the United States, 1987-1989 President

The main criteria of the prize is that nominees must have a multi-disciplinary team and their project must worth to get global reaction for their works.

The designer and design-teams can send their application until 30 April 2017.

As BIG BERRY, we are eager to see that kind of worldwide competition and we will chasing and sharing every new news from the competition.For more information, please click below

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