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Eyebombing in Bulgaria

Today we will introduce a street art from Bulgaria. The project was started to humanize street objects with which to give sunny and warm emotions into passing to people. The idea behind this is giving them a living character. The creators believe that this project will give a little smile wherever people see the eyes that will take them far away from their boring everyday life.

The difference that are between Eyebombing and another form of street art is that here it does not have the ego of the artist who is seeking expression and reputation (often under some form of vandalism).

Eyebombing as urban art exists only as a form of communication. It is not a struggle for public space and a wonderful addition to it. It just aims to create a little on the people's face.

As BIG BERRY, we are sending our best wishes to the creators and supports of the project. Maybe when we open our destination, we can join this cute project. :D