Luxury of freedom


Meet Tanja and Petra from Poke, our creative and empathic team of designers

After three amazing groups who created magic in BB Fashion Design Project, BIG BERRY Kolpa River was more than happy to welcome our first participants in BB Product Design Project of the 2018 season: Poke Studio from Ljubljana. We had the pleasure to have Tanja Grujičić and Petra Božič during the two days of their stay. A great occasion to know them and their fantastic and recognized work.

About a year and a bit more ago, three young and creative women - Tanja, Petra and Živa - decided to create their own interior design, graphic design and art direction company. After they have worked for other people and gained enough experience, they joined forces together: “We are all different, but at the end of the day we meet and talk to different people with different styles and ideas, so the whole idea of Poke is to create something beautiful from this different minds.”

Petra had studied interior design in Ljubljana and did several internships including the international one in the Netherlands. She had different jobs in the field of interior design. Tanja had the same university and career path before joining the creative team of Poke Studio to do the best that they can together!

Creating Poke was and still is their way to unleash their imagination and freedom. Thanks to their current situation, after working for others, they can now work for themselves and their clients, and they feel truly happy about that. This is the definition of freedom itself. To have freedom in their own business gives them control of the whole process and the final design.

A professional situation which illustrates their idea of freedom. To be a team but remain independent at the same time is the occasion to create freely, without any barriers. No more situations like “what is right and what is wrong’ or "what is good and what is bad”... Now it all comes down to pure creation powered by the feeling of freedom and of course, their clients ideas. They put clients needs first because their clients are the ones who come with the ideas or wishes of what they want.

Being together in a team also allows them to get inspired mostly by each other, because they have different experience and are different individuals. They can combine their creativity and become even more inspired. Since they also design for their clients, they use them as inspiration, sonthe clients become their muses. They listen to them and their ideas or wishes: “because at the end of the day, when the project is finished, they are the ones who are going to live with our creation.”

Making designs for clients made them create some crazy projects such as offices for a company. It was one of the biggest projects that they had to do because they had to deal with a lot of people who all had different needs and opinions on designs. Anyway, using only a paper, a pen, and a computer, they can create whatever you wish because they keep an open mind: “people can come with a crazy idea and you have to accept it and make the best out of it. The point of interior design is not only do what you think is right but also listen to clients.”

During their stay here at BIG BERRY Kolpa River, they really liked being at our location. It was a new and different space to design where everything is open, and also a huge difference from a traditional and small office space where you are doing ten things at once and never have the time to relax…

Here, they enjoyed the LUXURY OF FREEDOM and as interior designers, they fell in love with BB Houses along with the possibility to design wherever they want.

“BIG BERRY has its own ideas and wishes as their end product. Freedom is, for sure, the act of creating something that comes out from the environment. It’s making something new and valuable for BIG BERRY and hopefully people will enjoy it!”

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