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BIG BERRY Chef: Bertold Berényi

We wanted to celebrate the Opening of our BIG BERRY house in Wies in a special way. That’s why we decided to invite people from Wies and enjoy a meal together. Our BB Chef and colleague Bertold Berényi accepted the challenge!

Bertold is from Hungary and cooking is his passion. It all started about six years ago, when he found a book with healthy recipes. He went on to prepare all the dishes and was amazed that he was able to create such delicious meals. Now, after 6 years, he told us that cooking is one of the most useful skills he has ever learned.

Bertold went to Scotland and London afterwards to learn from chefs from all over the world so he could further develop his skills. He had worked in 16 different restaurants of 5-star hotels and tried many flavors for the first time in his life. That’s when he developed many ideas for his own dishes, which he wants to put in his own recipe book one day. After discovering the cuisine of the United Kingdom, Bertold went on a trip to Thailand, where he was amazed with their street food and the use of various strong spices.

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After he finished travelling around the globe, he settled down in BIG BERRY and decided to cook a traditional hungarian dish for the house opening in Wies - goulash. It was a big challenge for him because of the different culture and cuisine in Austria. He enjoyed every part of the event, from tasting different products of our BIG BERRY Partners, choosing the right local ingredients for his meals and presenting his menu to the guests.

Bertold likes challenges and that’s why he participated in the BB Chef Project. He loves to be a part of different environments, to learn new things and to evolve as a person.

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We want to thank our BB Partners Buschenschank Haring and bakery Wildbacher for their products and ingredients that were used to make this delicious menu.

BIG BERRY Kolpa River is very pleased to announce our 7th BB Chef for Saturday, 21st of July, Leon Oberstar! He participated in MasterChef Slovenia and he came in sixth place. Let's see what kind of delicious magic Leon can prepare for us at BIG BERRY!