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Turistička Prizma award for the new quality in tourism

New day, new recognition!

Every year a prestigious serbian company Turistička Prizma is organizing an award ceremony, where they give out recognitions for the new quality in tourism to the companies that have made significant contributions to the development of tourism at the local, national and regional levels. From the outset, the goal is to raise the quality of tourism services as well as encourage innovative ventures in the region. In a collaboration with tourism journalists, the awards are given to companies from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia.

This year, on 22nd October at WESTM Trade Show in Belgrade on the 25th birthday of Turistička Prizma, among many nominees, BIG BERRY Kolpa Lifestyle Resort was awarded for the new quality in tourism. 

It is a big accomplishment and an indicator that BIG BERRY is heading in the right direction, as well as the fact that innovation is always a good idea.


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