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New BIG BERRY Chef – Margarita Gabrielyan

Meet our new BIG BERRY Chef – Margarita Gabrielyan! 

A wonderful Russian lady, who is studying international business in culinary in Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland, is going to prepare some delicious dishes for us this weekend!

The idea of becoming a cook came to her mind when she was 13 years old. The main motivation for this thought was an opportunity to try everything. The possibility to work with the freshest products and newest technics also sounded very attractive for a little girl. For Margarita, being in a kitchen is like being in a laboratory. You create different things with the help of experiments, but in the end, you get something delicious instead of chemical elements. 

Margarita also found very important for a woman to know how to cook and to take care of other people. The fact that cooking is one of the fields in the hospitality business is one of the reasons why she likes culinary. 

The young lady considers culinary arts as something very interesting because there a lot of opportunities for growing up and for development. Starting as an ordinary waitress you can become a head chef in the end, even though it takes a lot of time and efforts.

Another reason which is very important for Margarita is a connection with traveling. You can learn how to cook dishes from different parts of the world. She is totally enjoying her studies in Switzerland with a lot of international people because she has a chance to learn every day ‘from the horse’s mouth’. 

We can’t wait to host Margarita in BIG BERRY and we are very excited to meet her!

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