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BB Product Design is ready for Ena Priselec and her socially aware design

BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is ready for extraordinary Croatian designer, Ena Priselec and her socially aware design created with all her senses.

After finishing MA studies on Design Department in Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Croatia, Ena professionalized both as product and graphic design. Her portfolio consists of many other design branches - from inclusive design and photography to design research. Besides designing, Ena also put a lot effort in organizing and holding workshops with educative, inclusive and socially aware character. Even though she has many different fields of working, a constant red line of interest for people, their way of living and feeling environment is present in everything. Sounds like a real BIG BERRY kind of person!

This traveller lives and works between Rijeka and Zagreb, but mostly in different places in between. Now it is time to root down in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and spread her designing magic!


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