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BB Mastermind: Borut Peterlin, the analogue photographer

''My name is Borut Peterlin and I've devoted my life to photography.''

When someone is so passionate about his career, we can't be more than proud to host him as our next BB Mastermind! We are so proud to announce Slovenian photographer Borut Peterlin, who will be telling us his story and journey through 19th Century photography techniques. He will also include a special demonstration of wet plate collodion process.

Borut exhibited worldwide, in venues such as Berlin, London, Shanghai, Tokio and now he will add our lovely BIG BERRY resort to his destinations. The Mastermind talk will take place on Thursday, 20th of September starting at 5pm in our Kolpa river resort.

The event is open to the public but with prior reservation through email: [email protected] or by phone +386 64 280 695.

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