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KućaStil made video report about BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort

After designers who filled BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort with amazing ideas during last year's project BB Design year; artists who made stunning murals in BB Art colony 2018 & BB Art colony 2019; ZOOFA designers who enhanced the resort's beauty with their fashion designs on a monthly basis, and photographers who capture this beauty and ensure we can all enjoy it during the whole year no matter where we are, now is the time to present other creative souls - our partners from the online magazine KućaStil – Ivana & Marko Nedeljković.

Ivana & Marko are a versatile couple whose marital harmony spreads all over their professional work. They run and edit KućaStil Online, online edition of KućaStil magazine from its start in 2014, of which the hard copy edition was founded in Serbia back in 1994. Not only do they run KućaStil Online, they turned it into the most read online magazine focused on interior design, architecture and lifestyle in the whole region! Regarding their professional background, they like to say they are “word experts” – Ivana is a philologist (who dreamt of becoming an archaeologist to discover ancient cultures) and Marko is a journalist (who dreamt of becoming a pilot and explore the whole world), who happen to share another passion – travelling. So they combined their passions and started making travel reports. 


The most beautiful moments and feelings are not recorded by your camera, but by your heart.

Coincidence or not, the very first one was made in 2016 when they came to BIG BERRY for the first time to report about a newly opened luxury resort in Slovenia. Now is the time to welcome them again when they started making video travel reports. 

We recognized each other as quality and promising partners and it turned out we were absolutely right.

After a successful collaboration 3 years in a row, Ivana & Marko came to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to capture everything that BIG BERRY stands for and all that it offers. 

This was our second visit to BIG BERRY after exactly three years, and it is fascinating to see that the enthusiasm and innovation with the BIG BERRY team has not waned, but is increasing year by year. The essence and basis of the BIG BERRY concept has remained unchanged, but so many new and quality things have been done since our last visit that it is truly a pleasure to watch it unfold.

Ivana & Marko spent 5 days in this Luxury of Freedom and experienced all the things which this innovative concept can offer, both in the resort and outside. They visited BIG BERRY partners, learnt how to make a proper belokranjskapogača thanks to Mojca Kramarič from Domače dobrote Mojca and Sonja Škof from Domačija Šrajf, learnt all about oils made in Oljarna Pečarič. Luxury experience was enhanced with the BIG BERRY House itself, mobile hot tub, BIG BERRY brand elements, BIG BERRY Lounge houses and with some of the newest BIG BERRY’s special offers – BB Night picnic and BB Drive-in movie night on a very special, full moon night. 

DSC02048 DSC01852

That's how every good brand grows. Step by step. It does not change its essence and foundation, but it is constantly enriched with new and innovative content.

DSC01690 DSC02330

They took advantage of the great geographical position of the resort, which is close to many cultural and natural beauties of two neighbouring countries – Slovenia and Croatia, and visited Ljubljana, Postojnska jama and Istrian peninsula. Besides being active, they managed to spend quality time in BIG BERRY quietness, fully immersed in the Luxury of Feeling.

DSC01924 DSC01727

I think the biggest value of BIG BERRY is that it has found the perfect balance between those two values that are hard to reconcile, that is, between luxury and freedom. You are in beautiful nature, you feel peace and tranquillity in every corner of the resort, and at the same time you do not have to give up luxury.

BIG BERRY couldn’t be happier to have a chance to collaborate with this inspiring couple and to witness the magic and easiness of their work process fuelled by pure love and passion. 

Peace, tranquility, absorbing the moment and remembering the beautiful scenes from the butterfly chairs are definitely our first association to enjoy BIG BERRY, and our favourite place for everything is by the river. At that moment, you feel everything you need to feel when you are here. You feel comfortable in a chair that blends perfectly into the natural setting. You can feel and hear the true "speech of nature" - from the chirping of birds, through some fish that eclipse the perfectly calm river Kolpa, to the breeze that breaks through the thick canopy of trees. It is this "speech" or "sound of nature" that has become a luxury today. It is an ordinary thing in the world that is worth so much. Why? Because minutes last like hours. Because it is a place that nourishes the soul. Because it is an environment that brings peace and tranquillity. And when you can even share it with someone, then you know you are in the right place.

Watch their video about BIG BERRY, check their photos and read more about this versatile couple.

Photo by: Ivana&Marko Nedeljković (KućaStil)

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