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Eighth product designer of the 2018 season

After our socially aware designer Ena Priselec it is time to introduce another Croatian graphic and product designer, Ivona Miloš! Ivona is specialized in visual communication and social design, fields which occupy most of her time currently as she works with the management of activities and development of Praputnjak, a small village near Rijeka.

Ivona arrived in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with Ena, and in the beginning they were introduced to the resort and the BIG BERRY brand: we walked around the resort, took a look at the amazing BB Art Colony murals and then sat down at the terrace to have a presentation about BIG BERRY and the BB Design Year Project. It is the most important thing for us to introduce our BB designers to their surroundings very well, so that they can get all the creativity and inspiration out of BIG BERRY and the surrounding nature!

On the first day of their arrival we also had a chance to introduce Ivona and Ena even more to Bela krajina and the local community, as we visited Česnovanje garlic festival at one of our BIG BERRY partners Kmetija Zupančič! There we got to meet many local producers who were selling their products at the event, and later we enjoyed some delicious local fish and locally grown vegetables for lunch!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ivona mural walk

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ivona in the resort

At BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort Ivona was truly in her element: she loves being in the nature and exploring the nature around her. She gets her inspiration mostly from nature, and so staying in the resort was the perfect time for her creativity. She had brought her binoculars with her and spent some time every day to do birdwatching at the resort! During her stay we also had our annual Astronomy night, where we learned about the perseids and lied all together in the ground at the end of the resort watching the magical shooting star show.

Apart from the Astronomy night we had various other activities to balance with the creative working time: we did evening workout at BIG BERRY, we relaxed our minds with yoga under the stars and enjoyed time all together with a cozy movie night with the BB Open air cinema. Other than that, Ivona and Ena got to enjoy their own BB House and of course – the BB Hot tub!

After four full days of activities and new ideas, it was time for Ena and Ivona to finish their designs and head home. Before their departure, though, we shared some special moments as a new group of BB designers, Tea Tadej, Damla Teoman and Marko Mikičić, arrived and we all had BB lunch together on the terrace!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ivona working

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ivona sketch

During these five days at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, Ivona got an amazing idea for a new BB item: she wanted to create something combining the ideas of berries and metal, a commonly used material at the resort. Her idea developed into a pattern with which she will create new bowls, lamps and vases to make our guests feel even more comfortable in their BB houses!

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